Woman of Steel

You are a woman of steel,

Who’s had no time to heal

You are a woman of steel,

Whose heart is ripe to peel..

Peel off those burdens, those memories,

Those scars, mountains, and accessories

…Accessories that now decorate the garden of your heart.


You are a woman of steel,

With eyes the colour of teal,

And hands as timid on the wheel,

..that wheel of LIFE

That may have just not stopped spinning.

But you know what, woman of steel?

Those whose heels stop spinnin’,

Fail to heal themselves and their “other”..


You are a woman of steel,

For every time you breathe,

You think this is my last breath

For every time you kneel, to a love not real

You acknowledge you have that hidden strength,

To fight at length,

For all that you believe in at heart!


You are a woman of steel…

So don’t you fall apart,

When distant closures may make you cave in,

Or feelings of longing make you lose your part.


You are a woman of steel,

So you easily bend when things get real,

But you bounce right back with a whole lotta zeal.


You are a woman of steel,

For overcoming every ordeal,

With a courage that’s surreal

And a kneel that can heal..

The most broken-hearted soul,

With the most healing stroll.


You are a woman of steel,

For all you have endured

Was finally bundled for you in a little present,

In a bundle of joy and cuteness,

Like your own little crescent.

With him, you started over,

Making a new life, vowing to win every fight-

But this time, not for you … 🙂


This time, until forever, it’ll be for him.

So, woman of steel,

Go ahead and stir the wheel!

Take command of your own beautiful ship

For no one has ever built a perfect ship.


You are a woman of steel,

And the clouds pray for you to heal!

Go now! and love and trust again,

For you are a woman of steel.


Inspired and dedicated to a piece of my heart in the Netherlands, who  calls me her “guardian angel”, yet all i do is just share my heart and mind with her. I am humbled..

Feb.11, 2018; 10.48pm.

Tonight though, i sensed i wanted to share this with all of you. So, to all of you ladies out there waiting for closures, self-doubting, or passively living or slipping.. You got this. We got this.

Captured at 8am today during my 25km run: a stormy day was predicted. Yet, despite them clouds and agitated sea, there was a beauty unexplained. And, it actually turned sunny as i ran my 19th km. There’s always a crack of light, hope, or strength no mater what, when or where.




External Things

Do you see all these “External” things bothering you?

Ok wait, let me break them down:

So do you feel swallowed in that ugly, stressful, or passionless journey to and from-work every day?

Those repetitive chores, that traffic? or those managers and colleagues with endless insecurities, bossing you around or putting sticks in your wheels, all your days and all your weeks?

Do you feel people’s indifference to your feelings and emotions at the workplace, or their judgements elsewhere that just glares upon you?

Do you feel the smack of that harsh, grim weather?

Or maybe you hear your tired brain ramble on to itself sometimes? all the time?

Do you feel that political chaos drown you discretely in despair?

Or your country’s economy making you question whether you should buy a house or settle abroad,

bring your family or keep them here, making you wonder if you even want to bring a family into this world or not?

Do you see those friends, ex-friends, ex-girl/boyfriends, colleagues, or people in your life disrupting your focus, drive, raising the bar of success, or belittling your dreams?

Do you also see “it” all dark, in grey, or maybe passionless, meaningless – all that you’re trying to do and secure for yourself in a fake, paradoxical community?

Do you feel Time slipping through your fingers, connecting day to night and dragging you along in that equation ?

Do you lose your way? “The way”? or whatever way those gurus say, “you will one day find”?

If you see all these, my friend, pls remember:

All of them are outside of YOU.

And this is the Best news you can ever hear in your Life; light Up because ..

Your daily choices are “Independent Things”!

When you do not internalize “External Things”, they become ghosts: shapeless, odorless, meaningless, and harmless.

But the key is:

Do not internalize, for when not internalized, they just float by. Even precious Time.. it is only external.

They float by..

and you carry on living your life effortlessly isolating them : ) – because you got You, internally, and it’s all you really need to really live this life.

You are your only constant ;

The only constant in that equation called:

Your LIFE.

They are all OUTSIDE of you, so the problem is not at all In You!

Be you, live within you, listen to you, trust you, and know ..

know that when your head and heart are in You,

you have nothing to fear doing your thing when others around you are not, maybe ever , doing what they are s’posed to do..

Leave what’s outside – Outside.

As for what’s Inside:

Love it! Nurture it, be it, listen to it, and above all, share it because only through it, through being you, do you find your “balance”..:

That balance that we travel halfway across the world and the islands to find ..

That balance that makes us climb the highest hazardous mountains,

That balance that makes us dive into the bottom of the seas for those bodies & coral reefs, or into grottos that bear the souls of so many before us;

That balance that makes us endlessly train for marathons, triathlons, crazy ultra-marathons!

That balance that we try to find by investing in passion, in LOVe.

Here’s the secret:

It all starts within you and it all ends within you.

And that in-between external “noise”: that, is just chatter to entertain the audiences; Your audiences, because well,

“…the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players.”

A Feb. 13, 2018 inspiration I was compelled to share today. #justmythoughts #selfhelp #life

Truly yours,


When You Wake Up Low

For the past 2 months i have had people, friends, new close friends just open up to me about their life story.

Some of the other stories, deep true ones, i captured on my social media accounts where they shared them so genuinely to find strength and faith and a push…

Sometimes, we wake up or sleep or spend a day feeling SO ungrateful,

We wake up mad at nothing and everything,

depressed for no reason or for all the reasons in the world, we tell ourselves.

We wake up without aim sometimes,

Only to wonder why do i have to go to work today,

Or why do i have to be there, have to do that, have to take that?

On other days we may wake up feeling tired,

Blue, lazy, in need of that “me time”, that inner peace,

In need to find the answer,

the answers to our existence, or to why are we so “comfortable” where we are and don’t want to aim higher or farther,

We may wake up wondering,

what’s my purpose? Why am i here?

What good am i doing and,

what difference can i make in a world where…

others would kill for attention or

where others are already the powerful and the rich, and the influential…

What difference would i make, If i share myself, my art, my skill set?

my talent, my job, my love, kindness, my insecurities?


To all of those days and self-thoughts, here is what the past two months have revealed to my now-watery eyes and profoundly touched heart:

When you wake up low,

Think of your friend Abbas…. whose dad is fighting with liver cancer eating him up every day; yet, Abbas a 25/year old young man, shows up every day, and every Sunday,

All hyped up for our run, and our training; so energetically,

he’s like the mayor of the team, everyone knows him and goes the extra mile in all he does.

Looking at him, you’d definitely say, nothing can be wrong in his paradise!

And that smile … that can never be wiped off his face rain or shine!

When you wake up low,

Think of Aya.. your version of Aya too,whose cherished and close little sister is fighting with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and has been at it for years now

That same Aya, shares a piece of her every morning, through a music link she sends.

And what music that is, sensational, sensual, cuts deep into emotions.Y

et Aya, oh Aya,

she remains the most creative human being, in film production;

manages to be a writer as well with a first book on the way and dreams as beautifully and real as a 5 year old.

When you wake up low,…

Think of Michele… who turns out is fighting lymphoma, and her fb posts call it,

“Only a chapter of my life..”

That 23 year old ambitious nutritionist, striking young lady whose beauty even took her to the Miss Lebanon pageant and became the talk of the town.

She… well she was never meant to be ordinary. A star.

When you wake up low…

Look very closely around YOU, think of Georges whose mom just lost her battle with cancer 10 days ago;

Think of the other George who lost his dad out of the blue 6 months ago no preparation;

Think of Nadim, my passionate, genuine, full of life MBA student, or your version of him in your circle, whose mum also passed away by another type of cancer just 2 weeks ago now.

When you wake up low,

Please, think of Abed, my (your version of a ) running buddy..

Who promised to join me in my next marathon in Europe, cause we ran the first in Beirut together as ONE; yet,

only 2 days ago, he revealed privately that his knee ligament is damaged and had started with a meniscus injury… but now,reality hit and an operation is due.

When you wake up low,

Remember Sharrow… a friend of a super friend i met who had a car accident and was hospitalized to be treated for just that; yet,

there he was then diagnosed with cancer and was crippled for 3 years, before doctors finally said he could get better on this new year.

When i spoke to him, walking his dog for 5 minutes under his building made his eyes SPARKLE.

When you wake up low,

Think of your version of Lily, a mother of 4 of the most beautiful girls i have met.

She married very young, into a well-off family. Down to earth, she lived her life

in the context she lived in, but four years later , things for her husband take a turn to the worst, and

the road got really bumpy; economizing became a lifestyle and ..

couple fights become the real deal for a long while with babies and kids to take care of and sustain.

One step at a time, with a lot of faith and love and kindness… they start getting through things,

She, determined to be an example to her girls, imposes herself on the job market,

and nails a job, then another at the university where i taught.

Shortly afterwards, she realizes her calling to “be all there” for her daughters slowly leaving the cocoon … she gives them wings – literally and metaphorically;

And when they flew off, she did not stop!!

She now is a passionate cook,

working from her own kitchen and taking her organic products out to the food expositions on Beirut’s streets,

for people to taste food that is made with love and care and healthy seeds,

served by a charming magical smile and a bubbly soul like one you have never met.

When you wake up low,

PLEASE, don’t you look without Seeing

Just Look around, SEE,

even your social media activity will reveal life stories, truths, losses, fights, chemo stories, tales of courage, passion beyond all that “happy-all-the-time moments snapped and collaged on social media”.

These things are real,

These people are everyday people like you.

They love to live, they love life too.

But like you, they have had their share of heartbreak, heartache,

They wrote books, letters, carved their feelings in the chosen few.

No battle in this life is easy to fight;

No life comes without battle,

Because in status quo, we perish as human beings created with a pumping heart and an active brain.

Every one is fighting a battle you know nothing about.

When you wake up low … now you ought to know,You have every reason to glow,You STAR, You are alright

Just take your ride,

Climb the tide,

Knowing you only get one life,

one day at a time to really live.

Look around and just SEE, when you wake up Low.


All my love,


Jan. 30, 2018, 3am

Love: Not So Common to You Too?

When you think about love,

Don’t think about the beautiful or the handsome, the short-hair or long hair only;

Don’t think of the car, the home, the lust, the attraction, or the fancy wardrobe and gala dinners..

When you try to find Love,

remember you are not always as invincible as you feel today, now

What you have, that health, is so frail and priceless

When you think about love,

Try to notice:

Does this person have what it takes to be with me, if my face is scarred from an accident?

Will he/she look at me the same way, and love me, when I have eczema all over my body and face, or maybe that incurable dermatitis, or my severe asthma attacks?

Are they surely -not likely- going to be there if i am diagnosed with cancer someday, or maybe even MS , clinical depression?

Or if my parent needs to be taken care of..Will that partner offer the help, the financial, morale, psychological help?

What if you or I get food poisoning at a fine dining restaurant we were just out to in the city centre that eve,

Would he/she still be there at the end of the evening to hold my hand,

as romantically or as lovingly  as he/she did at the beginning of that dinner when i looked smart, impeccable, gorgeous, in that emerald dress or in my brand new suit and burgundy tie?

When you chase love,

Will this person be by your side to raise your kid ?

Will she be the super mum you want for your little mini – yous

Will he be the dad you never had, and mend all broken relationships in your past and your present? or will they magnify the rift?

Love.. Ah love..

How we search for you in the wrong ways and in the wrong places,

We think we got you all figured, heartbreak after heartbreak, relationship after the other; alas…

Most of us are lucky and privileged:

We are lucky and privileged but we don’t know it because,

we get to wander around on most of our days all healthy,

flashing our colourful feathers,

yes, we walk, talk, eat, read, argue, discuss, meet, judge, decide, take action, be kind, be greedy, be selfish, be showoff, be proud, be happy, fun …

We get to be many different things roaming around in this wide world…

It’s like Shakespeare once said:

All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts[…]” 


We forget we will be demotivated, somewhere along the way

We will lose something or someone so dear, will we have somebody here to hold us through this, for months or years?

When  you try to find love or look for love,

don’t be fooled thinking “what you see is what you get

because more often than not, it’s not and behind those looks, there’s a human being;

a human – with a lot of baggage, stories, scars, memories, treasures, emotions, feelings, mysterious aspects, and unique traits that make them, THEM,

And we only REALLY see how privileged we are, when we are extremely sick, powerless, scared of illness,

and when we resort to prayer when things get pretty rough in life..

When you have the job, the rank, the position – in your career

the prestige, the social caliber – in your society

the money, the package, the salary – in your pockets..

WE feel invincible, we feel powerful like we could rule the world..but could is a big word with a lot of meaning.

Would you want to rule the world alone?

Would those around you understand your heart?brain? where you’re coming from..do they?

When you look for love,

will he/she push you to make at least 1 of your dreams true when you lose hope along your way?

what about when you lose drive, will he/she pull you up?

Does he/she understand why chasing this or that or not chasing anything for now is so important to you and your well being and perspective?

When you lack inspiration, would he/she be there to hold you, bear with you, and get through it,

Will he/she keep you when you lose the sparkle in your eyes, for few hours, days, months, or weeks?

If we look for a partner, and if many of us have hit our “goal” in a career,

wouldn’t you choose to go back to zero,

to share it with someone instead?

Wouldn’t you pick, to Go smaller, cozier,

Pick less responsibility and more time to spend with them rather than with the office?

When you pick Love,

pick when you feel weakest,

pick when you are most vulnerable,

don’t hide your story, your child(-ren) or your scars,

tell them,

write them, record them, explain them, just share them. And.

if they are The human being who can take these in without pity, but rather

The Human to look at you with compassion, respect, understanding, passion, optimism, and strength

If they know what to tell you , or

if they read your thoughts hidden deep beneath that swollen face and falling hair,

beneath that broken patient in the room or on that hospital ward,

If they can.. we would have found love.

Love should know no shame, no question should be forbidden or feel awkward to ask


Early on or in the later stages and decades,

is finding somebody who gets where you come from on the inside, in that maturity and that intellect,

he/she gets what drives you and your thoughts,

what makes you tick,

what wakes you up every day on this earth,

You deserve all of it – and you will find it, when you expect it least.



Don’t sell yourself short, don’t get anxious, don’t advance  by society’s norms

They are so often messed up big time and are usually more ripe than your relationships are ever mature;

Picking your partner..is an essential step of your existence and to conserve your unique contribution to this world

They ought to know you and you ought to know them – like all of that…


All my love,


*inspired by a rough night to fall asleep but wonderful thoughts*

Jan.4 2018







Christmas: A Different Tale

This year, Christmas is a different story.

I met a lot of people in my 2017, more than any other year i think.

Christmas was a different tale in different lives:

I met gems, who celebrate two Christmases.. because their parents are not together

I met some who cannot celebrate Christmas with their loved one because their families have different religions..

I met single moms, who thought this year, that was it, it’s all i can take.

I met friends, who celebrated Christmas with a heavy heart that’s unexpectedly lost somebody very dear

I met parents who celebrate without their kids or grandchildren because the adults don’t really “ talk “ anymore

I met multiple people who lost their *Mum* this year and their dad only few months back

I met individuals who celebrate Christmas with a very sick parent or sibling at home or on a hospital bed..

I met humans who celebrate Christmas in austerity, due to life’s tighter economic conditions year on year.

In that same year:

I met people who have little in their pockets but rich on contentment and enjoyment of exactly what they have.

I met people whose support system at home is indeed broken up,

yet who see the little hidden advantages even in that and who are on the roll to be better at evthng they do- talk about strength and positivity in life!

I met people with heavy hearts, yet who carry more happiness to every other human they meet.

I met new moms who were never that warm at heart or that optimistic..spending their first Christmas with their baby in a real home.

I met some others who gave in a lot of compromise- loving it- to prove that religion is just a tag and you can live and love and learn about other religions and still be part of a real family

I met people whose close ones have such poor health or who are very sick themselves .. yet, being around them is like a humungous wave of optimism, where all is rosy in this life, for them, and for others.

These, well, they turned out to be the same people having all the hardships listed above… 🙂

Life is full of stark contrasts;

It takes away things, giving others.

It closes a door, but opens others. Hurts but then mends..

Just like it takes sadness, to touch real happiness

It takes failure to know success

It takes heartaches, to find the one, that’s how “you’ll know”

It takes having so little, to appreciate the bundle of #blessings you now have

to celebrate Christmas and every day you get in this life, knowing you have a lot more than many, many.

It takes hardships and strength and multiple attempts to be who you are today,

To know how to spend this Christmas just #grateful for having those you have around you Now.

The Now is so short, yet is a lot.

Yes, They may not be here tomorrow,

you may not be here tomorrow either;

This Christmas, i saw how frail we are just by being Human.

Yet, with a heart that treasures what you have and overlooks what you don’t have,

You can live like a king:

so humble, that his blessings just flow upon every human in his kingdom.

Happy Christmas my most beautiful blessings and gems💫.


It takes so much more courage to:

Love and live a religion of Love,

Be Kind..

Than to walk with the world, go with the flow even if it’s a wrong one.

After all,

“You can’t blend in, when you were born to stand out”, ever ✨.

Stand your ground;

You can’t change who YOU are at heart and in soul, then maybe the world can Start to change the way it sees.

All my love,



Dec. 25, 2017

Snapped on our way back from spending Christmas eve in the Bekaa region, in a beautiful city called Zahle 🙂
On the same road we took, you could see the mountains and the sea at once. It was raining yet the sun also found itself a spot:)

Read Hearts?

Live your life at large,
Look at the person sitting next to you, in the theater, subway, or the movies,
Don’t just look, see their sadness, excitement, anxiety, joy,
Touch their hearts, because everybody has one, everybody has something going on :
while they hop on a train to work or in their car stuck in traffic, or even when sitting and “chilling” as they have a coffee;

IMG-6540 (1)

Sometimes, this life feels like it does not have enough emotion expressed, not enough reality of living exchanged

Not enough sharing of the real things that go on inside, 
But You,
Do your part,
Share your bits, and watch how you begin to transform the relationships you form

Don’t just look around..
Actually “seeing ” makes my world so much more meaningful and reassuring, knowing others share the same ups and downs I have.
#love #bekind 💝
Dec. 16, 2017

The Gift 🌺

Be grateful:

that you have both legs and can walk yourself around,

That can take your legs out for a run, a bike ride, or a hike

That you don’t need to be wheeled to the bathroom for your shower,

That you can wash your own hands and feel the soap and water as you curl your fingers over and over in this process we barely give attention to (what if you can’t do it, ever thought of that?)

Be grateful;

That you can use your fingers to slip into your suit and buckle your jacket’s buttons,

That you have full function in your hands and can cut the food you are served in your plate into manageable portions,

That you have the health to take yourself to the mountains or sea to change scenery if you decide to on any random day,

Be grateful;

That you are not traumatized by an incident or an abuse.

Your body functions are your gift, every 1 day.

Just like that, we can lose them, those we take for granted, but just like that we can realise how Blessed, blessed, and super blessed we are exactly as we are now.

Pause. Slow down. Breathe.

#superRun #4.45am #9.06k #runnershigh #perspective

Life is a lifestyle: get you one that reminds you every day that your sanity, and contribution is a gift to this world.



Dec.5, 2017