Nobody Trusts? Reversed Living Metrics

I miss you my people. I mean it.

My day’s lesson:

The worst case scenario is that no one trusts […] everybody is suspicious“,  [if/when you are kind and selfless]

#reversed #metrics
Today, it’s called #human #development ? Loved the vid, had to share.


#kindness helps you live multiple lives, instead of one, which is basically only yours.

With kindness, you get a piece of everyone’s lives.

Don’t you be scared to be “human”, the world is upside down, not you for being the way you are, being a “human” i.e. a compassionate.


I miss you my people. And I mean it because ..

I have been tied up with work commitments, leaving me to arrive home late, like you probably, with eyes too tired to open, let alone to look at a screen even if it’s for the one thing i love MOST: talking to you here, instead of to myself or overthinking on my own.

I hope you feel the same, cause this is our no judgment space, as always.

I think of you here,  often, and of my not being here every day, especially  to legit-ly meet you my new, recent followers and those who have met me through my beautiful new blogging friend Alara Karis:) and catch up with you my beautiful, most unique friends I’ve had in this life, really.

Never thought blogging would help me meet people and get to know them the way i do today and the way we make each other feel through our likes and/or comments.

This platform is by far the most generous: never failing to provide me (and you i hope) support, discretely or explicitly or both at once. It never failed to make me feel safe in my sharing, in listening, reading my thoughts,, giving,  generously time among other things, and never failed in helping me find at least one blogger, “like-r” or comment-or who understood exactly where i was coming from..

All my love,


June 14, 2017; 10.13pm

Today, You Have: Today

Hello my people:):)

it’s 6.39am here and If i am delayed for 3 extra minutes, i may end up late to work; nonetheless, i have so much to tell you, but for time-constraint, i’m just going to share 1 of a gazillion beautiful things i have to tell this week.

Hope it makes your day, every day, really, cause each one of you deserves the best, and to be at their best, for you first and for all those around you.




May your every today be your favourite day 🙂
those in your daily lives need you to just be all there, today,
Even if you not being here all day secures better plans for your future with those others.
That future, you can change, but that today, has already passed 😉
All my love,
June 7, 2017

Never Let Them, Ever

Hello my people! I m i s s you.
Sharing this message today which I shared with my daily Good Day People email thread, which is basically a thread i started 2 years ago when i was in the UK, post-accident and i felt useless; yet, i  wanted to do sthg to others that could help them while i’m in recovery.. 🙂
A little kindness never hurts, right ? Life motto:)


If you’ve ever thought:

i can be this, pass that, do that, be there, earn this and climb and see myself there ...
Don’t you ever let this moment of thought pass just like this.
because just like you said this that day, eve, that afternoon in that workshop, or that weekend in that mountain or village,
someone else in the world at the same time even has said the exact same words, but they actually did something about it in the next year, or 2. or 5
And they are there today,
despite people’s disbelief, low confidence, and impatience throughout those years when he/she was building, slowly but steadily, with time on their side.
If your mind can conceive it, then you can be it, just connect the dots with some action day after day and :
p e r s i s t
Everyone of us can be a small mind, it’s a comfort zone,
but those active thoughts are what keep your dreams real and as big as they should be for the life you are meant to live in this world.
Cheers everyone,
all my love,


May 25, 2017 at 12.07pm (cause it’s a public holiday here today, and i have a report due tomorrow, yet i divert my mini – panic attacks to writing to you cause it soothes me to share things with you, things that matter the Most, like people in our lives 😉

Ever Lost a Best Friend?


She was a Mariah; a childhood friend. I lost her in grade 6 or 7. We were friends since kindergarten. Today, without knowing, we share a network of people we each met separately through university and workplaces basically. What a small world huh?!

[What about you? Please feel free to type in a relevant name…:) ]

I never thought i would actually talk about this one day … but here i am letting it out cause it has been on my mind, and because I am always truthful in my thoughts to you my people for one simple reason:

I know that deep down, each of us has been there, done that, or dealt with a “moving on” from one phase to another in this life, whether it was a phase or a person.


This has happened such a long time ago when i was like 13 or 14 years old i think, maybe a little younger: I lost my then-called “best friend”, “truly best” friend.

It’s not like i’m traumatized by that, at least not that i’m aware of its effect on me lol, but in the past 2 weeks, she has been popping right in front of me in different places, which got me thinking, and checking out what she’s been up to through social media channels.

We are not friends on fb or on social media, as i recall fb was non-existent when we use to sleep over each other’s etc.

And as it turns out, friends on my platforms have friends who are common friends with her, so it wasn’t such a hard job to find out where she’s been and what she’s been up to.

We go back to kindergarten. We use to hang out with each other all the time. Our parents became friends because we were inseparable . She was really where I would spend most of my time.

She was there when that girl in class was so jealous of me and we use to plot against her haha. She was there when I had my first sense of fashion, and she even got influenced by mine. We also did have that jealousy phase between each other. I use to come tell mom about it and the latter would just sit with me, explain how at our age, we are building our personalities and we do these things, we get jealous, we get irritated at times, but after all, she use to say, you are good friends, that’s what matters most, right?

And i’d just pack up my honest, simple heart, and meet her the next day, hang out as we claimed to our parents we were “studying together”:D

*i smile at the thought of how we’d just hang out and watch teli, or gossip a bit about stuff or what party we’ll be invited to.*

Then, one day out of the blue, been years together, she’s diagnosed with Diabetes. At the time, yes it was treatable and all, but, it was still something that altered your lifestyle, something that would make you think twice about going outdoors to bike or whatever because an injury for a diabetic person is tricky, or dangerous. Not as casual as it is today with all those high-tech, easy to carry, use and measure equipment. Times were different then really on that aspect, even though i am only 27 today, things jump started quite a bit since my teen years.

Back then, it also meant needles, and her responsibility to keep balancing that insulin level, detect hypo-or hyper-glycemia and keep a candy at hand just in cases..I know, no matter what she thought, it was hard on her. I don’t recall us talking about it, or how she dealt with it… for all i know she may have just surpassed it better than i’ll ever know. But, what i seem to remember – which honestly i have no idea why i remember all these details now that i decided to blog about it “shortly”- is that around that same time diabetes came up in her life, we had become a more “open” circle, where more, different friends came into our friendship.. Things were already changing on the friends front at the same time as her diabetes then.

I was feeling uneasy, hurt and cut deep, as now my one on one time, my “own best” friend as we saw it at that age, was preferring to spend more and more time with these new friends. Besides the fact that i was and still am a generous person who invests i others, especially friends, she was everything to me…

but apparently, not so much in hers? She was choosing to spend time with those friends who in my head, did not know her as much as i did. I liked them, but to be completely honest, i kind of knew that we were different, like, i knew, at 13-14 years of age, they were not my tribe, not those i’d entirely click with.

They chased things that did not really tempt me, read or followed news i was not entirely into or even slightly now as i try to recall, but it was fine with me, i could be a good sport and learn a bit more about what interested them.

But god knows how much i tried to play along. I wasn’t annoyed by them, but i just felt they were different. In their hearts, we carried still the same innocence and good up bringing, but in their heads, in our heads:

me and them- things were different, priorities differed, shallowness differed, what we wanted in life differed even at that age… and so, Mariah and I .. we began to drift apart.

It was a slow process, she became more friends with them slowly, then her mom also became friends with their parents who also led quite a different lifestyle than ours at home..

Now, what I draw from that context today is:

Holding a grudge really does nothing but shrink your world in this life you lead.


A few months back, I bumped into her at a beauty salon. I was in a different room, but the corner of my eye caught her. I realised then, i am not someone who carries grudges or who ever aims to carry one against whoever it was.

Since then, look at me, having you people here, my people on my good day email chain, my huge circles here in lebanon to the uk, to canada, south africa, the netherlands.. to around the world where my friend now are.

Life ladies and gents.. leaves no man behind,  NO MAN BEHIND:)

Also, Not all people are meant to stay in your life: today i look at her, her circle of friends, her life, and I just don’t feel i belong there:)

It takes time to accept, but it will come, have some faith!

Like, i bet every one of you has a certain person or group of persons who they think they like, or they think ouh wonder what it would feel like to be part of their group, but then, you realise you wouldn’t be wearing shoes you are comfortable in every single day, or every single night you hang out with them.



I’d love to dedicate this blog post to E., whom i had promised to email yet still did not..and for other reasons she told me about;) Hope this post gives you a breath of fresh air by the time i reply to your email legitimately;)

With all my love,


Apr.27, 2017 at 12.39am

“Life Purpose”, in Her Eyes


— Not my own words tonight follow, but one of you my people, as she addressed them to me on April 13th 2017.

Absolutely inspiring, i leave them here for you #foodforthought —

*My take on the words “she” shared are at the end of the post; thank you:)*

“My angel,

Your sense of purpose is not derived from a ‘job’ or a role you play in life… Your purpose is so much more than that…

And so much more meaningful than any job on this Earth… So while I completely understand how unproductive you must be feeling and have a sense of wondering what you’re doing and where this is all going,

Remember that life is so much more than a job…

And your purpose, my angel, I speak from experience, Your purpose is so much more than being productive in a job…

Because for me, you’ve changed “my” world…

And call that purpose or sheer luck on my end, but it is so much more valuable than any kind of job…

Don’t get me wrong, I understand why it must feel frustrating… If anything I understand the feeling of ‘where is this all going’, ‘what am I doing’…

But in those moments go out and enjoy the sun,

the little things as you live by,

and you will find a purpose so much greater than any material thing in the world…

And count yourself lucky, even if it is just for having such wonderful weather and the time and opportunity to go out and simply… Enjoy…” […]


“[…] The more you give in life, the more you receive blessings and a happier life”. (Me, Joy)

The sharing above was not written by myself, but one of you my people and it is only fair that you  know 1 thing:

She is passing through one of the most difficult times of her life, truly.

Even I can only imagine how rough life is being in her face; nonetheless, she sends words and words to comfort “me”?

She has sent gems, gems like, “you’ve changed my world”!

So after all, it turns out there indeed are some people out there who care about you for you, not for a hidden agenda;

We can be to each other more than we can ever be in any “job” or “business”. Life’s challenges taught me that, but then again, Life gives me proof, and here it stands with the above words shared by a very dear friend, sister.

She’s actually non-biological “family”, the family of giving, and kindness too.

That strength..? Have you ever encountered it in anyone? A real friend? A fighter? A tough one? A kindest, wisest, smartest, a selfless one?

Hats off E., hats off.

I cannot understand how you can be going through so much yourself, and still pull yourself to write me such a heart-felt, warm, optimistic message that shows your depth of character, your balance, immeasurable strength and that shows me and my people here with you…our purpose in life.

I hope every one of you loyal followers and avid readers have someone to tell you and remind you, that You matter the most, then comes your job, money, education, etc.

It’s those whose worlds you change who will carry you to progress, self-growth, happiness, and public as well as personal success. Everything else that’s materialistic, either fades away or grows obsolete or insufficient.

Only people are able to make you immortal, whether in person or in your memory. If you’ve loved them and been kind to them, your genuine self, you have turned their world upside down and no one, no one ever forgets how you much better you made them feel in their lives about the lives they lead or can lead.

Truly yours,


April 19, 2017 at 10.32pm

The Grass is Not Always Greener on the Other Side

My beautiful people:)
I shared this message today with my other people on my daily (email) chain of kindness created a couple years back, and for a first, i wanted you too to get a peek into it as well..
Well, because its effect was so powerful on me, it got to me, so I wanted to share my lesson with you hoping it spurs a bit of happiness and gratefulness into your life as it did mine today:
IMG_5867 (2).PNG
With my humble experience in life and my people to-date,  i would say,
“Nothing external can ever validate, really validate your worth”, 
Experiences we pursue then, stop being means to an end, and are pursued for what they are, for the sake of pursuing them, enriching our life.

You know, the grass is not always greener on the other side… no,

because the other side is often our own creation of a more perfect world where “perfection” does not exist in the first place because by nature, humans change their minds, they often want what they lose and lose what they want chasing the former;
If you or I have a house or a mansion now, today, man is able to remain ungrateful, not really appreciating it- until one day, he cant afford a roof over his head anymore, or when he loses his health or mobility..
Only then, does he realise,
oh, i had it all, why didn’t I know? Why wasn’t I just “happy”?
It’s human nature, so it’s not wrong or a shame to feel or think of things like that, not at all:). I do, most of the times.
But it doesn’t mean we can’t push a teeny bit further , every morning , to remind ourselves constantly that we are already blessed with all we have right now, right where we are standing.
Look around, each of us truly is:)
💪🏻Gratefulness is a key, one of many to a happy life –
So the reminder to me and you my people today is:

Your side is definitely green enough, and those who love you and are there for you as you, will still be there if you had more, less, or the exact same in the years to come:) 


One of my people on the email chain of kindness shared their feedback on my sharing this morning, thought you’d want to see it. She made my Day, truly.

FullSizeRender (54)

Truly yours,


April 12, 2017 at 11.39am

It Shouldn’t Trouble You

It shouldn’t trouble you much if,

Your career is or is not exactly how you planned it in 10 years time,

It shouldn’t trouble you much if,

your job isn’t as fulfilling right now, or if your personal life is not where you wished it would be some day.

Really. Do you know why?

Because besides your bank account, your career, &

Besides your partner and personal insecurities:

Every day or every now and then, there is something You Are doing right.

Every now and then, you receive a hug, a call, a word, a look, a post, a new friendship, person or an incident, whereby one person you touched expresses their gratefulness for having You in their life this week, month, year.

Even the most “horrible” human beings… have done (a) good thing(s) that earned them a holiday card, a thank you note, a special nod, a coffee invitation, an appreciative look or gesture.

Such recognition counts Most, so they are not that horrible after all on alternate scales of life, are they? We should not lose sight of What Really Matters, let’s not?

What we are here for is not solely a job, rank, prestige, or success.

Yes these are additions, drivers, motivators, & goals. But,

“People” are what we all need in our journey whether a failed one or a succeeding one.

They are a more accurate measure of how truly good our life is.

If you have “people” on your team of life, you are richer and happier than you think 🙂

Measure your happiness not in material collections but rather relationships:

People  – your tribe, in all of life because when all else can and will go away someday, all that is left is your imprint in someone else’s life, their knowledge, their feelings, their growth, and their families.


It shouldn’t trouble you much…

This “non-people” aspect of life: that career, position, possessions, etc.

Don’t let the “non-people” aspect of life get to you; it sure will try but, remember what matters:

People in that life of yours – no matter how humbly you lead it on all other aspects.

With all my love,


April 10, 2017 at 12.30 am