Sparks & Butterflies:Giving

I went on a small drive tonight .. up to a mountain, where it was crisp cold but so beautiful.

(sorry no picture it was pretty dark but would have loved to share one)

Honestly, it was Me-time.

My mind was all over the place, i was getting thoughts and visions, signs of life, of things that i can see happen in my future through particular people that i know now, in this life.

So basically, i saw them: friends and acquaintances, and I could see how at one point, in this project or this phase that’s to come in that future of mine i keep thinking of.

They would be the ones there to see, help, and support me.

I just know they will those visions of mine- no, i’m not psychic, just in case you were wondering :p

Have you ever had ideas or meetings cross your mind like that? But then we usually shove the off into some mental drawer and we forget all about them.

Don’t we?

We don’t take them seriously- when we should. I read that in a book and the author had said,

“…when you have one of those Eureka moments, you should note that down because the thought never comes the same way again and you lose it if you don’t write it.”

But more practically, after my horrible accident in the UK (for those who don’t know me yet her’s your link to my world post-accident), I got to spend lots of time on my own, assessing, sleeping watching teli, series, movies, and re-assessing stuff again.

But as my brain was not dead despite it feeling like it, it was generating ideas, of things i would do in the future.

1- One of those was me writing periodically for the university paper –

2 months after writing down the thought, I was writing, but I was also receiving emails from the editor in chief and her team impressed (taken) by my stories and writing style.

Prints of my  newspaper stories reached home!

2- Another one of my “Eurekas” was me flying back home to the UK to my high school, where I would spur change that can help students, like mentors and tutors who helped me in the UK –

2 months onto my return home, I visited school.

1 week later, I was offered a combined job offer: English Coordinator for Cycle 3 and lead the Career Guidance and Orientation Dept.

3-  Post – accident, i had the time to think of what I really wanted and go to workshops where meeting others encouraged me.

It led me to shift gears away from businesses and their positions, to instructing others and sharing a piece of myself and my knowledge with others; but without a PhD, it was tricky as to who would accept me –

3 months back home, I was hired at a Franchised British Programme that put me in touch with students and disadvantaged audiences that need a piece of me more than anyone to help support and guide them.

First secret: Your Eureka-s are real

If you take the extra mile and jot them down on a scrap of paper, or a legit journal, I can guarantee you will see them ideas see the light, in action shortly after, at one point in your life;

yet, the ball would be in your court as to exactly what time they will :).

Well, my drive tonight was emotional and thoughtful, and it made me tear- of Joy-, and pray actually at one point.

Sunday pre-Christmas Secret:
imagesGiving gives me (you) butterflies

We can be so selfish in life sometimes.. We would have everything and would still be selfish&

then the very smallest thing(s) happen and make you realize how much you can do in this life, & you’re sometimes really egocentric.

But, it felt good to have this feeling tonight- that i was being selfish, because it reminds you there are others out there who need anything you can give.

I did a small act tonight.. a small act of kindness in my own private way, and it gave me butterflies, but also brought tears to my eyes as I felt it in my heart.

My people,

When you give, you light a spark in your heart, one you never thought would be lit…

Even more so, whatever God you believe in, imagine they felt this spark all their life by just being so selfless, and they were giving to others all the time. All the time.

Can you imaging having butterflies all the time, 24 hours a day, 7 hours a week?

I can’t, but I can tell you about my 2 hour drive tonight:

Giving so little felt amazing, beautiful. I felt alive and here for a greater purpose, i felt unearthly.


Third Secret of life: a person in need is right in front of your eyes

He/She is not only in some charity organizations halfway across the globe

Tonight, one of my Eureka-s was so powerful:

I saw one person very dear to my heart. I could see how I could help them, not with my words or my love only, but in action…to adopt them, in my own terms, and hold myself accountable.

This person has been in my life a while now, and we have built something so special, a friendship like no other.

But tonight, I could see how I can really help them, really be in their life, within the means available to us…

You have my word tonight my people, my eureka showed me a beautiful future for that person, to which i can help render beautiful with just a little giving, just a little.

I promise to disclose more when i can – if ever, because after all, i believe,

when you do good, it’s in the eyes of those Above, not the earthly eyes 🙂 

Isn’t that the purpose of giving? Butterflies and sparks that make you want more of this feeling? 

Like when you’re in love :O you cannot have close, i promise you this is how i felt tonight. I’d want to have them every day, it’s challenging, but

kindness does not come in a box or in size. It comes in all shapes and forms and can thus be done in whichever ways, means, and shapes available to you.

Giving ..a Eureka moment in thought, but sparks and butterflies, in action.

Let’s go, write yours down and change a life, go the extra mile, follow your insight and your visions – they are real.

With all my love,


Dec.   18, 2016 at 7.58pm