Loved this: your dose of love

By Sean Stephenson: (just ‘met’ him today)

No words..I’d be selfish not to share how this made me feel tonight.

Tough life – yes MANY times; Losing Purpose and Drive- YES heck YES;

Loving yourself attracts you to you-ALWAYS,

and You to your once in a lifetime kind of people –

a system of support that makes every minute of life- worth.


With all my love,


Apr.26, 2016; 11.39pm


Loved this post by: The Seeds 4 Life!

Standing in the mirror in the morning, wondering how you’ll make it through another day. You can do this Sitting at your desk and fighting back the tightness in your throat with yet another coffee because you couldn’t sleep again. You can do this Lying in bed at night where the thoughts return. You need…

via So Far You’ve Survived 100% of Your Worst Days. You’re Doing Great – Unknown — The Seeds 4 Life

How to keep our “spark”?

My people, my dearest ones,

A very warm hello to you tonight :))

I’ve been enjoying my no-posting time lately- very much so actually, by simply reading, exploring, and ‘meeting’ amazing, amazing bloggers on here.

I’ve been savoring: spending  my days(nights actually when i most free from life’s have to- s’) and weeks, yup, exploring what each blogger here, each friend is like, what he/she loves, prefers, is passionate about.

I never thought i’d enjoy meeting others as much as i have here lately, as i willingly dedicated more time to do so and decided to sit back and look from the outside for a change;

every 1 page, forgive me: PERSON i visit vibes a unique spark, an authentic someone.It’s so beautiful, rewarding.

It feels like the platform is giving back all I am investing in and it’s just beautiful.

This home platform is the only place where i have met as many genuine, authentic people as i had in my life, & no, i am not exaggerating for the sake of my writing-effect..honest.

This sharing goes out to the “worth” and value of each one of us.

Yes, that worth we always tend to ‘self-destruct’, ignore, or underestimate at every challenge or opportunity to allow ourselves, or others, to do so..



Story behind how i came across this video (if you can spare some time to read-on):

To be honest, as our Spring semester at university comes to an end soon, and as the warm summer weather and beach season begin to unfold and settle  in Lebanon,(pics taken from my life this past week)

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my students for the past week began to look: a little off-focus, lagging on their academic work, attention, focus, and  they have their heads already on the look-out for plane tickets to visit their families/parents in the summer – understandably as tickets now are way more affordable than later in time for a summer trip after final exams are over for them.

So, tonight, I was really looking for a video to open-up my class with tomorrow to introduce our new theme for the week, but as i thought of my demotivated students at this stage of study, I needed a genuine attempt to “win back” my students, make the best of the remaining sessions together , re-engage them and re-connect with them ..

And then this Jay Shetty came up with a video on “success” (a theme i am coincidentally teaching my students in Business decision-making) and how we define it to ourselves, how the world has all began to be all about,

“if you have the money, you have the success[…]”..

If you’ve met me in my previous blog posts, you’ll deduce or read that I’ve joined the “Educator-career path” only 6 months ago now – having moved away from my corporate finance tracks..

And so, as i pursue my finally-unveiled passion, i felt like i began to assess or evaluate my success in teaching by how less time i spend preparing my lectures, or how much i manage/learn to squeeze into 1 session, or even by how many papers i can correct within an hour or a day

I kind of materialized, horribly, this passion I only unveiled a few months ago, and I realised i was slipping into that trap:

True success (at least mine as an Educator) actually resides in how well can i give my students the chance to be better business leaders and established societal leaders, wherever they go in the future, and whichever corporation they join, people they interact with, and country they reside in.

Honestly, i realised the above not only because of Jay’s video, but also 2 weeks earlier, when my week was over, i had delivered all my classes and for some reason, felt like this particular week, me being an Educator truly made me someone who uses the simple power of thought, i.e. sharing my brain with others, to empower them to spark a change. 

Have a look into what my brain wrote out to one of my British Mentors that night of April 11, 2016:


Then, as this blog calls for growing through others, i was not let down;

a sneak peak of the reply and support i received back follows here, simply because i invested the time, humility, and courage to share my authentic self, as naked-ly:



The reply brings me to another message i’d love to share with you:

Please,never underestimate what you share with your people, whether your students, your family, your mentors, your superiors or people who work for you and/or are under your authority..

You can just make the day, week, or year of 1 person, 1 human being, by simply and genuinely sharing what’s on your mind. At the end of the day, we are all humans and we connect on that: simply being human, so go for it.

I chose another video to show my students, and chose to share this one on finding our spark here with you tonight, hoping it would remind all of us,



May you have a beautiful rest of the evening and days full of your passions in this life.

Truly yours,


April 24, 2016 ; 11.26pm