Life is A Marathon..Not a Race

Life is a Marathon, Not a Race

I been wanting to tell you this for a month now. Life, work, long days got in the way.

But, because i missed you so, a piece of me is missing, and i decided ill share short posts from now on to keep you here and me with you.

On june 19, 2017 i signed up to run a 42.195km Marathon in Beirut.

Following my accident..yes, that messed up My knee and ligaments etc etc.,


Doing so, i also committed to training 3 times a week with a Team called “542”

It stands for :

5 months of training, to run


It is changing my life. In every aspect.

I am rearranging my plans with friends and family to fit my runs instead, that is how much it has transformed my life in less than a month.

I am meeting beautiful people.

My bubble is slowly forming and growing to include the most beautiful people.

It is beyond beautiful.

All those runners are just there for a challenge , or personal dedications and hidden agendas. A positivity like no other, a mass positivity!!

Our team with coach Walid is forming bonds nobody knew before or experienced. We care for each other, we look out, we are running buddies..

So, Every post from now on will be #OneStoryAtaTime about a member i met, really met and talked to, and their story:)

Oh, by the way, our team started with 120 runners, then to 115, and since, i vowed to get to know each one, and their name of course.

I think there are like 20-30 names tops i dont know i.e. Havent met and thats only because they were not showing up to the trainings for work or health or other hurdles unfortunately.

It has been marvelous, an undertaking like no other, truly really.

Tomorrow, i tell you who i met tonight and she made my bad day, truning it upside down:)

PS: always take on new undertakings, big or small.. does not matter.

With all my love ❤


Aug.31,3017 at 9.15pm


“Emotional”? It is Your Gift

Hey there my beautiful people! 😀
I shared the following message with my people on my other networks..
and the rate and depth of responses i got was dumbfounding.
I’ll share a few at the end so you know what i am really blessed with receiving every single day with people from around the globe.
“People are thirsty..thirsty to build a
r e a l
connection with someone, today more than ever.”

I have surrounded myself with the GREATEST most beautiful people ever, by doing just that..

And they gave me sides of them that are not on display among others kn their life, especially when i started over in the game of people .. 2 years ago after a rough experience:)
People like honesty, value transparency and open books. Dont you? 
If you do… then maybe they too, they just have a hard time expressing it:) we’re all different.
When you express yourself, in whichever way(s),  it makes you transparent hence, well-understood by the other,
So, youre allowing people to connect. But then , can anyone live, really live their life, without a human connection(s) ?

My favourite response from My people to the above-shared:

From D. in the UK:

This is just 👌 so well said […]. I wish more people valued transparency as opposed to seeing it as a weakness. [Some] cultures pride themselves on being stoic and not showing emotions, which I appreciate is appropriate at times but it’s a very restrictive way of living.

Having said that, I feel that having my emotions out in the open does leave me more vulnerable but now more than ever, I find that people appreciate this more than hiding behind a mask. 

Thank you for the reminder and […]
Truly Yours,
All my love
Aug.16, 2017 at 6.44am

The You


Life sometimes puts us with a partner,
or a friend,
or a family  – by blood or not it doesnt matter ..
and it’s a good,
we have a roof over our heads, all we need, we got to do so many things … in life
but sometimes,
more often than not, and i see this in my friends, old and new .. in my colleagues and my teammates ..
I see how we entangle ourselves sometimes in relations (long-distance or not, all the same) and routines, 
that just leave us with a low estimation of ourselves,less time for YOU,
if we could PAUSE life for a minute, or less, we would see it, but 
as long as life goes on no matter what, how, when, or where, …
we are in this cycle, in our comfort zone,
emotions and affection play a role in keeping us close to the familiar ,
but then,
have you thought,
am i really happy? 
am i doing all i want to do?
am i giving my dreams a shot or did i just settle for all th wrong reasons ..?
sometimes settling is not permanent, eventhough it may seem so.. 
if you’ve invested already 2-3 years or more in a relationship
or if you feel you’re too deep into it to come out or go back .. [ever felt this, truly?]
sometimes, which are most time,
when you Still have this room to maneuver things ,
you gotta STEP BACK,
allow yourself to, my people, please.
Look, use the time on hand to really GET OUT there, out of that comfort zone, and
chase what you had in mind and at heart all along.
It is part of you that you just shut off for love, or compromise, or sacrifice, or for selflessness and the kind person you are and dedication that you have ..
if we never try, we will never really know.
In my eyes, no matter how much you love someone, from your mom and family to your soulmate or partner,
YOU are still on your priority list, and you are number 1 on that list.
All you do to you .. reflects on your relation with the other, any other
Don’t contain yourself in a box,
and boxes.. they are tricky, some are invisible,
they come in all forms and shapes … don’t they?
a love, a first love, a sickness, a tragic accident that set you back ..
a  fear, a hesitation, peer pressure, wrong relationships, social and personal.
this is why, sometimes, those outside of our box can see things we don’t… and they may just, save a part of our life.
Keep some time saved, to listen, to step back, too really “see” if you have dissolved yourself in what you are doing every day as part of your routine,
if you are still aware whether you are h a p p y or not ..
Have a wonderful one my people 🎈🎈
This post was inspired by the story of a colleague of mine, Riwa.
To be honest, I plan to talk to her today .. it’s just that she’s 25-26 and i feel she has entangled herself in this long-distance relationship..
Look, i may not know anything about it or what it is and i surely know nothing about the support and love they are to each other..
but, what i do know, is what i see and feel.
I feel she’s just giving up too much, that she’s forgetting how to live, how to be 26, how to meet other people, how to take initiative and converse with people ..
She has so much energy, and part of it, in my opinion, with the little that i know, truly believes there is so much more for her to be Happy, if
she gives herself the chance to just
chase what she wants,
if she stops for a second, and count, in the past week, how many htings has she done FOR HERSELF and HER only?
Again, as i always say, i may not be everyone’s cup of tea..
and my views are only how i see them, with the limited info i sometimes have on issues.
But i have a heart,
that just cannot see someone sad or under-living their life.. because my accident threw me deep in a pit i thought i’d never come out of …
but by prioritizing MYSELF ad only me, i made it, and i made it through OTHERS  around me my people,
once i loved myself, and took care of ME, the others fell right into my life to help me on my enlightenment journey.
since, i knew what i wanted from life, what to chase and how not to miss one chance of being alive.
For after all my people,
i may not have been here today, with you, and not have met more than 150 people i now have on my Good Day chain … had i not survived.
But i am here,
i am happy
with my work
with my dreams
with my platform
with my family
with my relationships
i definitely do not have or lead a perfect life,
you know why i will never either?
because perfection does not exist except in our minds.
a happy life is a life where you can be all that you were created to be, the person in you, to others. 
It;s not in material things, these go and come
Life: is about making others feel something .. that only You can make them feel.
And when they feel, they never forget you. They forget your words and maybe even actions, but a feeling ..
Have you ever forgotten how it felt to love someone so dearly? I haven’t..
I was given a second chance at life …
and by constantly taking undertakings that take me out of my comfort zone,
i really,
truly, am meeting a new tribe every time and i make it my own, and we end up a big family who shares love, care, and motivation to each other.
My people,
it’s all in YOU. the key is YOU.
Take care of you, put You first,
and watch the pieces of the puzzle fly to fall into place, in your big puzzle called L I  F E .
I love you, truly,
i miss you
Aug. 5, 2017
self love