A Phase

A Phase

Sometimes you know not what you want.

You meet lots of people,

And the days pass; yet..

The clock hands feel like an impasse.


You are all over,

Or maybe you just want to live it up,

Perhaps a mini “do-over” like:

More living, less thinking?


A phase


Some days our perspectives change;

Even though we’ve seen,

People from different walks of life & our judgement was then obscene;

Here and elsewhere on the page,

This year it feels different,

Like you’re out of your glass cage.


Your mind is maturing,

Your judgement is more open,

Your tolerance exponentially grown,

As if its cocoon was torn.


There is a click you can’t explain,

But it just feels right to follow your gain..

Being yourself and enjoying the moment;

Living, fully, with all the ornament..

Cause it felt special, genuine, and true

To you and the other.


And you tell yourself,

Perhaps; just perhaps, it’s all..


Just a phase?


But for once,

It feels safe.

Despite the uncertainty,

And the slightly flawed certainty

..that a different perspective is formed,

It feels like you’re really living;

Something that’s true, incomplete perhaps,

But it feels nice no matter tomorrow’s probable mishap.


A Phase


Sometimes, there isn’t more to it!

And when you both agree it’s the “timing” that’s essential”,

All the other’s alibis lose credential!


What they want may still be a mystery

But by the time you get there,

The whole fling’ll probably be history! Unless…

Unless building, you sense a change of heart?


It’s highly doubtful though,

From where it all started;

And you remind yourself:

You have nothing to lose but

He..a lot to gain,

Had he known you for all that you really are

And all that you can really be.

Going with your sincere feeling,

If a chance is what you’re peeling,

Then enjoy and so be it.  


A phase

You can never really know what’s on his end,

Like he can never really know to what your hand’s clenched;

Except… if the times unfold,

More stories untold, and.. circumstances from old

Or sharings of gold..

Become the centre of discussions,

Outings and confessions.

A phase


Love ❤ 


May 22/23, 2018

A phase - Pic




⚜️My Dedications: ⚜️

To each one of you, my people, who think your sensitivity makes you vulnerable or “weak”..

To every one of you gorgeous souls who judge themselves so hard for those days when you “slip” or just slow down a bit..

⚜️We are all human and our greatest strengths are what make us stand out, different, and therefore what others try to snatch away from us because they can never be as fragile or sensitive or compassionate, loving and genuinely loved in return, let alone live the beauty of human feelings to the extreme and really know what it means to have lived through hell up until we touched self-love, forgiveness, peace and the most superior forms of healing as a result (: ⚜️

No matter where you were

What you’ve been through

Or where you are headed;

No matter the lessons you learned,

And all the remaining that’s unlearned;

No matter all the knots,

… with the untied ones in the pit of your stomach,

there to stay like there’s no need to panic.



Like a bird with a broken wing,

Sometimes we all feel that ring,

Getting tighter and tighter around the throat

Dropping down to the gut,

Where then it is there to settle..

Making its way to the bottom of the kettle,

Still trying to pour out Tea,

To make others feel free,

Because that’s what brings it energy!

Fragile, agile, senile?

You were born agile,

You feel you will never grow senile..

If love disappointed you once,

And you don’t want to take a second hit twice, yet..

Opportunity will knock back at your door,

One day, someday

Because this is life


We live to interact,

to act, not act, and live a life unpacked;

to meet, to laugh, to cry, to hope, despair, to fight and surrender;

but only to rise again because our bodies demand it

… In their own little ways!

And all of this, all of it,

is the best way to learn

With whom we ought to Be Real.

We remain fragile.


If your career turned out disappointing,

Or what you do is really the object of your parents’ doubting;

If your friendships made you chase

..Disloyal mates who’d go behind your own back,

And in your own home talk crap

Puking in your hat,



We remain fragile.

Our fragility was not found to be lost!

It was not there to hide..

My friend!

The life we live is like the tide,

That moves us through the ebb and flow,

Until it makes our head blow,

And our heart explode,

With the extremities of the human feeling

That can be so healing..


We remain fragile!


A complete perfect being exists not!

See that public figure, famous speaker?

The known artist, the achieved banker?

The balanced yogi, talented dancer?

Every one has lost their compass!

And has hit an impasse.


Choosing to find that stillness,

On a boat amid the worst of illness;

They chose to navigate,

Meditate and not perturbate

…their hearts or minds with

People’s talks or the world’s negativity.


In your hearts,

Find your inner room,

Make it your broom,

Shovel out of your soul

Every every foul;

Make it a practice to send away with your very owl,

A message of peace and love

… To that body engulfing you,

To that soul embracing you.


If Your body is a shell,

Its interior is a bell,

With tintinnabulations every time you tell,

That world and every dweller of our universe,

That you will be yourself,

Unique and alive,

Living and ready to dive

…Into whatever life carries to your plate

Because you will always be your own mate!


Of strength, you will never run out!

I been there and couldn’t but count

The infinite blessings our minds can use to


… every challenge, physical or mental.

You have been there too, haven’t you?

And if you think living’s a game of only two:

Life or death?

Win or lose?

Wake up! You come from an endless fountain of creation.

You are an intricate being

Blown into life.

Fragile .. yet!

With every strike,

We get to ride the bike,

In a different direction

With a different kind of affection

Towards ourselves first and foremost.

If things did not change,

In our life and other people did not turn the page

…even if on us,

We wouldn’t push for change;

We wouldn’t aim higher,

Or see that down much lower

we could find our happy;

We Wouldn’t adapt, or expand,

That intellect, that street smart, life-smart,

This skillset that saved us from the next big blow,

And instead took us to the golden bow!

Where the arrows of creativity, peace, love, and positivity

… Brighten our once grim world:)

Life is way too short,

Not to believe in you.

Yes all fragile!

Life is way too short,

Not to believe this world was created for you to shine.


Why though would it want you to suffer?

Life is way too short,

To sit and wonder if i will make it through.

You will.

Love ❤️,


May 7, 2018; 9.54pm

My Story

My Story

*This poem is inspired by the life and drive of colleague and a good friend of mine, Reem..*

Dont claim like you get me.

When you got the chance,

You chose not to enhance.

And whatever we had planned,

Seemed hanging on on the I-pad:

Only an unrealistic dream;

You don’t know my story.

Stop saying you cared,

By pleading and textin,

and for attention clingin;

It’s a little too late,

With my exam now closer, so full of hate.

Is it? Or really “am i” ? ..

for all the disappointments you put on my plate.

You don’t know my story.

It’s as if your hearing was impaired!

When the time was right..

And our relationship was just ripe,

In front of my parents

Stood a shadow,

Like that of a dead sparrow,

Who hasn’t yet taken any arrow

Yet acts all hollow.

You don’t know my story. 

In all our breakups,

You managed to create catch-ups,

In which You kept telling me,

Through all sorts of music mashups,

“You belong to me, and i to you

Never loving anybody like you..

And we shall never feel distant”?

But you were never persistent!

You had once said…

Forever we will be,

Yet here we are,

Two and a half hears on a crossroad

A red light paralyzing you …

A height we had foreseen,

And thought we could use to lean..

On our love? and our love!

You don’t know my story. 


With the weight on your parents’ hearts,

And mine behind the scenes,

Mustering a rejection…

For another religion.

While we thought we were tolerant,

Preaching against those ignorant,

What we knew of love across religions..

Yet, All we were are clay pigeons,

Molded in childhood,

And tricked into adulthood,

Thinking we were placed in control,

When all we could do was sing Snow Patrol,

Chasing cars, forgetting about reaching the stars like them rock stars,

Not realizing we lacked a good tune.

We were high on the illusion of us;

Maybe we were real and all we had still feels so real,

But when it mattered most to feel,

Where was that zeal?

You don’t know my story.

As if we weren’t all sons of a God?

And When we were abroad,

Even though it was for our parents odd

…to accept different friends across cultures,

They knew we were all flawed,

Yet they thought it just a “phase”,

That our love got us in a haze..

But here we stand today,

On the brink of a nasty break up

Or maybe a sticky makeup,

Futile-y trying to cover up,

The vast distances between two hearts.

You don’t know my story.

I built myself from scratch

And with no one there to catch

..me! even when i got to the cliff,

And i couldn’t even sniff

…hope that was less than a meter away.

You don’t know my story.

I aspire high,

And can’t lose them no matter the tie

…Yours and their scores reached,

I can’t lose a part of me they once preached.

Even if they gave up on me,

I know i must have done something right,

Courageous enough not to take flight.

You don’t know my story.

Or how she sometimes mocks me,

For being a little girl with a big dream,

And a reality that makes me beam,

Despite their illiteracy and ignorance.

We were a story of two hearts

But now of two rigid religions,

Preaching love, tolerance, and caring,

Yet Torn apart by the same God?

And without you standing ground,

I lose balance,

You completed me,

And in odd ways you still do and always will..

Oh take me out of that misery

This status quo; no!

They think they have done me no injury,

But i’m living on the periphery.

You don’t know my story.

Changing this country will be my history,

And rocking this world is my ministry.

I hope you’ll still be around to see,

Had we stood up for one another like in my dreams and secretest wishes…

Maybe then, you’d really know my story.

All my love,


May 5, 2018; 2.02 a.m.









Be Human


Be human - Pic!.JPG
My piece below was inspired by a little something I did and how it made the world go round..: There’s an app i use, Buffer, which kind of crashed on my phone, not allowing me proper management of my content as it should. So, i emailed their customer service inquiring about the glitch in the App and why i can’t seem to manage things like i used to. Dave, one of their agents replied back to me, he was very helpful and very humble. So i emailed him a  super sincere Thank you, genuinely admitting his help made all the difference and really helped sort me out. The pics attached are the emails i kept getting for a week, on how much my thank you meant, and how it changed their day and meant the world! I really did not do anything, except Being a Human:)

You make the world go round“, she said.

“No, I said. I was just being human. Being kind to one another is what we humans are born to be.”

From an email sent behind the desk,

You are talking to someone in particular,

And there is nothing or none about it peculiar!


Even though the medium is systematized,

The people never are synthesized.


Someone’s job is to reply your email

to complete your transaction,

and help you when you’re in action.


Be human.


Use your heart;


Be kind.

The Earth is crying out loud again.


Chase away the greed.

And these tricky survival insticts


Please. Be human, 


Just follow your nature;

Live at peace with yourself;

Be content.



Compliment – you may just make his day!!

Admire, respect, be elegant and graceful in both..


Be human.

For some day someone will return the favour,


It shall not be of a bitter flavour,


It shall not only be on pink or patterned paper,

But in every newspaper.


Truly yours,


Completed : Apr. 29, 2018






Aching - Pic 1.jpeg
Annaya, LEBANON. Taken April 29, 2018


Some days you wake up dating..

The days on your calendar- eagerly waiting..

On the next one, I might stop hating”

Them days when you wake up sore,

Not like tired to the core, No.

More like limbs aching,

While in the background someone’s baking..

A delicious pie to heal all aching.



You..you sit there feeling:

How far is the healing,

And will my heart still be beating?

Your forehead burning,

Your nose hurting,

As the pain drops to the neck,

Ah! And now it’s hit the heart

Like the paint is splashed on a piece of art..



Because it feels tireless and useless,

Trying to explain what you feel,

When he isn’t bothered to peel.

You’re two worlds apart,

Where all those common grounds disappear,

Making way for only depths shoved off to the rear.


You’ll find someone who gets it better than me,

And that’s a definite –lee!

We may share one view from the same hospital bed…

But that was only partly manifested in each’s head!

Find someone simple,

Maybe even with a dimple!

I am not there,

But that’s where you are now..

Not where I am, and I can’t explain how;

I’ll keep chasing our common grounds;

Paying in all the pounds..

To understand where we grew apart.

But i’ll also know,

There’ll be nothing,  though lots of snow..

Covering the tips of your beautiful yet lost soul.



…Maybe you can handle,

All the tangled,

But my emotions are sincere;

They got to be untangled…

Even if they may not all at once appear.

Leave me alone. GO.

Oh the aching.


You don’t have to get it,

But you’ve already hit it.

Aching but inside you bet it’s baking!


… An enthusiastic start,

like a freshest tart (:

So many flavours spread out already,

Then a voice comes shiny and pretty,

Hi!! Have we met, in this life or maybe the other”?

“But I think we should hangout, ever been to Narnia?

You’d love it.”

Aching but baking the best of a new world

That comes out when you release the bird,

once caged inside of your beautiful soul

…that was temporarily “aching”.


Live, and Love Life.

And Live, and Love life again and again, and again.

A.l. w. a. y. s.




With all my love to you my people,

Started on my  Diary Apr. 10, 2018;

Inspired to Completion:

in Byblos- Lebanon  Apr.29, 2018; 9.40pm


Aching - Pic 2!
Completed my piece for you when I came across this gem <3. #inspiredme



One life.
Be the astronaut on this earth.
With the mind superior to all that we commonly see.

Be different,
Be silly, be fun, live, laugh, cry, venture in and out.

Be yourself ,
Allow urself to Feel like u don’t belong here,
And be sure u gonna lift half the population with u.. if thats really how u feel.

Because most of us long to be part of sthg bigger, more exciting,
Something that won’t let us wonder: so that’s all there’s to it, that Life? ,,

One life.
Show ur colours.
Pass every milestone with flying colours.
Its not always easy, but Really Living is so worth it.

Be the astronaut: 
Be dreamy,
Never entirely on this planet,
because there’s so much we can learn how to live outside our boxes!
Keep your feet below but your head up high
Soaring to where no idea ever dies.

Be that phenomenon.. that strikes even if just 1 person on this planet,
or a million if u prefer it,

and change. their. life.  

Be the astronaut..

On this earth. It’s where we are needed most.

#smallreminders #life



To Aya,

My idol. I love you.

To you, my people. ❤

31 years old was her new milestone.

She knew exactly what scared her to the bone!

Because she has entered the so called “zone”..

where doctors change that tone;

Where most nightmares are sown,

To the human brain that stands always prone.


But as she anxiously awaited confirmation..

Benign was it, or malignant?

… {silence}.. Indignant!

Yet, there she was standing at the station,

Taking the train to tell the whole nation,

Trust me, you would do just anything..to alwaysknow.”


It changes a life,

Makes her live a strife,

As the news sure cuts like a knife…

Oh But her beauty!

Was nothing like a duty, as

She never asked..”Why me

Yet she called on the other bee,

To make her plea,

Before it was too late. Still..

It’s never too late or early to know“, she said..


Get rid of that ghost!

Go & have that check;

Pick your card from that deck,

If it’s a tumor you get,

You are still no wreck..

because you knew, you know

And can still glow.


In your own body,

Or If anyone else you embody..

You are not just somebody.

Yes you were *Diagnosed!*

But only to be the Strength,

That can stretch at length

To overcome this.

Yes you were *Diagnosed!*

To be the Message!

And the Passage,

Of someone whose path was a wreckage.


To be the Sign,

and the lucky Dime..

The Salvation from human frustration..

Over the littlest things, especially when:

Humanity loses track of what really matters in this glimpse of a life.

Yes, *Diagnosed!*

as Carrier of Life,

Whose fight  inspired just right,

The love to live to be fired;

And all those who now admired…


and the *Prognosis!*: 

Malignant! Indignant!

Malignant! Indignant!

Malignant! Indignant!

But all that don’t matter!!

Love yourself enough to know.


Go & have that check;

Pick your card from that deck,

If it’s a tumor you get,

You are still no wreck..

Because you knew, you know

And can still glow.

#breastcancerawareness #friendship #negativeturnedpositive #strength #weakness #mindbattle #love #selfcare

To Aya…an idol.

To every one of you my people..

To the ladies *diagnosed* and not,

To the men who have known someone close to heart *diagnosed*..