A message of hope: Fly

A message of hope: Fly


You’re flying.

When a new born bird attempts to fly, it struggles.

It falls of trees branches and buildings and heights.


It’s the course of nature.

It even starves to death if it weren’t for their mums “sometimes” who feed them

…until they have the instinct,

That you have come to have, now, today.


But when the bird grows

And learns how to fly,

It stops seeing that it is actually “flying”, soaring..

Because it has become such a mechanical process

And, because it can’t see itself from down there,

It can only see from where it is standing.


You’re flying. Your website. This core empire you are building.

Hassan [Insert your name here], you are flying.

I feel it,

I see it.

I even have the greater vision.

And i couldn’t be prouder or more motivated by you.


I shared these words with a friend of mine, among you my super people, was feeling down.

His  gratefulness touched me so deep, hence i just found out it got out here somehow for you guys!

Oh, I replaced some of my original Arabic terms to English ones, remaining true to my message really:

To every one of you here out here:

You are already there.

Them hurdles, they are temporary.

Believe in your dream, vision, choices, and decisions.

Adapt as you go, but you were meant to chase them. Cause they are part of YOU, YOU.


Like every other day

Like every other day

The day will end

Like every other day.

If you woke up fed,

Up with being under-recognized

And albeit patronized

By the prospects of losing your job or position..

Or if you were in transition,

With your mind hesitating to sign a petition,

Asking for this or that,

Yet scared to really act

.. Fear of change in a pact

You once struck with the devil,

In return for a sense of security,

In a messed up society.

You seem to have sold your dignity,

Your hopes and dreams that touched the skies,

The same that once had nowhere to hide..

The day will end

like every other day.

And you will soon realize,

Every day is like a petal

..of a rose sitting in a prose.

So write your book.

Get off that hook,

and over the way you look

Cause it’s your soul that shall be remembered..

On this day, like on any other day.


Started: May 14, 2018

Completed: July 5, 2018

Online: a day or two later [better late than never;) ]

You are Real

You are Real
My  dedications are at the bottom of this post 😉

By now ..

You my people know that each one of you has marked me in a way in this life,

Some of you show me how to be a survivor, not giving up no matter the abuse or weakness we feel around someone or with them,

Some of you taught me to move on, dream bigger because you were once where i was but now you made it

Some of you remind me ” the things you now have you once prayed for”,

Some of you are my constant and/or my support system no matter my right/wrong decisions in life

Some of you keep pushing me to lighten up, live it up, go with the flow and stop

Overthinking much.. even if you’re scared that people perceive you wrongly, it’s their loss of meeting a gorgeous soul

Some of you inspire me, in your talent, your music, your words, your unique approach to life, your rich experiences, your little stories and life lessons that you share with me..

Some of you showed me immeasurably beautiful, sincere, genuine hearts,

Some of you were there for me in my worst time(s) and experiences,

Some of you got me out of traumas or shocks i faced in my life, you were my “healing” way out

Some of you understood my silence,

Some of you understood my crazy side,

Some of you also inspired me to keep going and stay true to myself,

Some of you i look up to and admire completely,

Some of you are friends of friends of my people, and so you came across my blog and my email threads giving me more purpose to write words that may heal you too because your friends thought my generosity and kindness may be just what you need to choose to live again;

Some of you get me, when my head feels like its up there in the clouds far away from the harsh realities and greediness we sometimes face in this world

You guys are real.

Your influence on me was real.

I know each one of you to the core – ithink 🙂😉

You spice up my life, and

yes, i may only be one human on this planet,

but you rocked my world


I think one person at a time is how we really push for things in this world, in this short life we are blessed to have.


In case no one told you,

YOU are a marvelous piece of my universe, and so , of THIS universe.


What about your people? A shout out to Yours and those ‘inspirations’ among them who you thought about reading this.

All my love,

Oh! I miss you!!


May 23, 2018

(But i chickened out and did not put this out yet until tonight: July 5, 2018)

Dedicated to:

❤️My people on my daily chain of kindness [who receive daily morning emails from me as i share my thoughts on life and living it fully]

❤️You my blogging gems, we have found each other and every like or comment or reaction and word we exchange gives me strength for a whole Lifetime. Besides, starting this blog after my accident [see my very very first October post] kept me sane, going, and helped me achieve my dreams- where i now am personally, professionally, and here as a proud happiest blogger.



🛣I looked at the world from the streets last night and felt like something big is missing.

🚍What if we were living forward bulldozing through life instead of outward growing through others sharing feelings, talent, love, kindness, passions, compassion, hobbies, experiences?

📽Why do we walk, run, or drive past each other not blinking twice, not saying a mere “hi” that might just make us see that:

🤸🏻‍♀️we aren’t actually the only ones who had a bad day, month or week;

🏋🏼‍♂️not the only ones with financial and mental health problems;

👦🏽👧🏽or the only ones who lost a parent or a sibling or a leg or a lover or a golden opportunity to start over?

⛱Why do we resort to impatience over patience, racism over tolerance, judging on labels of religion or nationality or gossips over soul and actions that speak for themselves?

🌹What if the big thing missing was me/you living to Give more and Do more, for others we meet- no expectation for a reward moral or material.

🗣Why are we wired to refrain or abstain from sharing, opening up, caring, loving, being kind, smiling… and all things that we know make us feel Good, and instead we run away, far, close doors, build higher walls?

🕵🏼‍♀️.. is It really Fear of getting hurt or pain or of breaking or being deceived? so, Why then would we almost always opt for “staying alive” when things go wrong or when we almost lose our chance to live as we “rush” to tick things off our bucket list feeling i needed more time to make things right.

🕺🏼Isn’t it part of being a “human” to live on all extremities and edges, to know what is pain, losing, heart breaking, starting over, being tricked or cheated, used, and hurt…

👑And, we do take alllll of these risks knowing that we shall touch the surface of what “Real love” or real caring feels like, or touch what kindness as a lifestyle looks like as someone extends it every 1 day of our existence!

🕶Don’t we take all these risks in return for the feeling of spending an extra night with someone we lost or someone ill?

🦋Arent we okay with taking these risks if it means feeling alive, getting a second chance at living life at large, like we never did until we hit that low or that loss or challenge in life ?

🐠I think i found it:

we need to be kinder and show it, accepting that if each of us was so, none will abuse as much or hate as much or feel as greedy as we all Do Today sometimes because we feel “threatened” by what the other may snatch away from us.

❤️The world was missing more “giving” and less snatching, more love and less fears of losing or dreading pain or error.

🧚🏼‍♀️Look around you, we all have family or friends who survived a traumatic incident story or relationship. Sometimes yes, things get out of hand and some people give up On life,


🥤Life goes on and most of us who have lost someone have also gained 10 others who were fighters and survivors against all Challenges life threw.

🤝Human nature fights for its survival. What do we little people then have to fear when nothing we are given is bigger than us to face- nothing, and that is a personal lesson i learned in all the hard yet beautiful ways.


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My Story

My Story

*This poem is inspired by the life and drive of colleague and a good friend of mine, Reem..*

Dont claim like you get me.

When you got the chance,

You chose not to enhance.

And whatever we had planned,

Seemed hanging on on the I-pad:

Only an unrealistic dream;

You don’t know my story.

Stop saying you cared,

By pleading and textin,

and for attention clingin;

It’s a little too late,

With my exam now closer, so full of hate.

Is it? Or really “am i” ? ..

for all the disappointments you put on my plate.

You don’t know my story.

It’s as if your hearing was impaired!

When the time was right..

And our relationship was just ripe,

In front of my parents

Stood a shadow,

Like that of a dead sparrow,

Who hasn’t yet taken any arrow

Yet acts all hollow.

You don’t know my story. 

In all our breakups,

You managed to create catch-ups,

In which You kept telling me,

Through all sorts of music mashups,

“You belong to me, and i to you

Never loving anybody like you..

And we shall never feel distant”?

But you were never persistent!

You had once said…

Forever we will be,

Yet here we are,

Two and a half hears on a crossroad

A red light paralyzing you …

A height we had foreseen,

And thought we could use to lean..

On our love? and our love!

You don’t know my story. 


With the weight on your parents’ hearts,

And mine behind the scenes,

Mustering a rejection…

For another religion.

While we thought we were tolerant,

Preaching against those ignorant,

What we knew of love across religions..

Yet, All we were are clay pigeons,

Molded in childhood,

And tricked into adulthood,

Thinking we were placed in control,

When all we could do was sing Snow Patrol,

Chasing cars, forgetting about reaching the stars like them rock stars,

Not realizing we lacked a good tune.

We were high on the illusion of us;

Maybe we were real and all we had still feels so real,

But when it mattered most to feel,

Where was that zeal?

You don’t know my story.

As if we weren’t all sons of a God?

And When we were abroad,

Even though it was for our parents odd

…to accept different friends across cultures,

They knew we were all flawed,

Yet they thought it just a “phase”,

That our love got us in a haze..

But here we stand today,

On the brink of a nasty break up

Or maybe a sticky makeup,

Futile-y trying to cover up,

The vast distances between two hearts.

You don’t know my story.

I built myself from scratch

And with no one there to catch

..me! even when i got to the cliff,

And i couldn’t even sniff

…hope that was less than a meter away.

You don’t know my story.

I aspire high,

And can’t lose them no matter the tie

…Yours and their scores reached,

I can’t lose a part of me they once preached.

Even if they gave up on me,

I know i must have done something right,

Courageous enough not to take flight.

You don’t know my story.

Or how she sometimes mocks me,

For being a little girl with a big dream,

And a reality that makes me beam,

Despite their illiteracy and ignorance.

We were a story of two hearts

But now of two rigid religions,

Preaching love, tolerance, and caring,

Yet Torn apart by the same God?

And without you standing ground,

I lose balance,

You completed me,

And in odd ways you still do and always will..

Oh take me out of that misery

This status quo; no!

They think they have done me no injury,

But i’m living on the periphery.

You don’t know my story.

Changing this country will be my history,

And rocking this world is my ministry.

I hope you’ll still be around to see,

Had we stood up for one another like in my dreams and secretest wishes…

Maybe then, you’d really know my story.

All my love,


May 5, 2018; 2.02 a.m.









Woman of Steel

You are a woman of steel,

Who’s had no time to heal

You are a woman of steel,

Whose heart is ripe to peel..

Peel off those burdens, those memories,

Those scars, mountains, and accessories

…Accessories that now decorate the garden of your heart.


You are a woman of steel,

With eyes the colour of teal,

And hands as timid on the wheel,

..that wheel of LIFE

That may have just not stopped spinning.

But you know what, woman of steel?

Those whose heels stop spinnin’,

Fail to heal themselves and their “other”..


You are a woman of steel,

For every time you breathe,

You think this is my last breath

For every time you kneel, to a love not real

You acknowledge you have that hidden strength,

To fight at length,

For all that you believe in at heart!


You are a woman of steel…

So don’t you fall apart,

When distant closures may make you cave in,

Or feelings of longing make you lose your part.


You are a woman of steel,

So you easily bend when things get real,

But you bounce right back with a whole lotta zeal.


You are a woman of steel,

For overcoming every ordeal,

With a courage that’s surreal

And a kneel that can heal..

The most broken-hearted soul,

With the most healing stroll.


You are a woman of steel,

For all you have endured

Was finally bundled for you in a little present,

In a bundle of joy and cuteness,

Like your own little crescent.

With him, you started over,

Making a new life, vowing to win every fight-

But this time, not for you … 🙂


This time, until forever, it’ll be for him.

So, woman of steel,

Go ahead and stir the wheel!

Take command of your own beautiful ship

For no one has ever built a perfect ship.


You are a woman of steel,

And the clouds pray for you to heal!

Go now! and love and trust again,

For you are a woman of steel.


Inspired and dedicated to a piece of my heart in the Netherlands, who  calls me her “guardian angel”, yet all i do is just share my heart and mind with her. I am humbled..

Feb.11, 2018; 10.48pm.

Tonight though, i sensed i wanted to share this with all of you. So, to all of you ladies out there waiting for closures, self-doubting, or passively living or slipping.. You got this. We got this.

Captured at 8am today during my 25km run: a stormy day was predicted. Yet, despite them clouds and agitated sea, there was a beauty unexplained. And, it actually turned sunny as i ran my 19th km. There’s always a crack of light, hope, or strength no mater what, when or where.



Good Day, A small reminder:)

Inline image 1
A crack ..hmm,
a bad day? bad job, bad relationship, bad plan, bad marriage, bad book, a failed test perhaps, a horrible incident, a broken heart(s), hurt by people far or loved ones,
a crack.. 
giving up, losing hope, going back to that addiction, or that slacking or hiding away from things, lost, failed at it so many times .. 
a personal, social, or professional, psychological, or whatever crack, 
You’re still standing , are you not? Existing, now, here , reading this, are u not? 
As long as u take a breath, u can live ur life, really live,
because we don’t fall apart unless we  decide to Let go and stop trying, 
Try, easy, slowly, experiment first, at your own pace, take a chance, spend the money or time or pay the cost and carry the responsibility believing in ur own decisions, 
but don’t give up because … 
u are yet to meet people who will fall in love with YOU, ur vibe, your spirit, your Mind, or anything that makes YOU up.
There is only 1 YOU, and if the people in ur life so far did not see it, like may in our lives have not, then Others will – u cant give up on being u, it’s YOU so show yourself off
All my love,
Sept. 23, 2017