A message of hope: Fly

A message of hope: Fly


You’re flying.

When a new born bird attempts to fly, it struggles.

It falls of trees branches and buildings and heights.


It’s the course of nature.

It even starves to death if it weren’t for their mums “sometimes” who feed them

…until they have the instinct,

That you have come to have, now, today.


But when the bird grows

And learns how to fly,

It stops seeing that it is actually “flying”, soaring..

Because it has become such a mechanical process

And, because it can’t see itself from down there,

It can only see from where it is standing.


You’re flying. Your website. This core empire you are building.

Hassan [Insert your name here], you are flying.

I feel it,

I see it.

I even have the greater vision.

And i couldn’t be prouder or more motivated by you.


I shared these words with a friend of mine, among you my super people, was feeling down.

His  gratefulness touched me so deep, hence i just found out it got out here somehow for you guys!

Oh, I replaced some of my original Arabic terms to English ones, remaining true to my message really:

To every one of you here out here:

You are already there.

Them hurdles, they are temporary.

Believe in your dream, vision, choices, and decisions.

Adapt as you go, but you were meant to chase them. Cause they are part of YOU, YOU.




🛣I looked at the world from the streets last night and felt like something big is missing.

🚍What if we were living forward bulldozing through life instead of outward growing through others sharing feelings, talent, love, kindness, passions, compassion, hobbies, experiences?

📽Why do we walk, run, or drive past each other not blinking twice, not saying a mere “hi” that might just make us see that:

🤸🏻‍♀️we aren’t actually the only ones who had a bad day, month or week;

🏋🏼‍♂️not the only ones with financial and mental health problems;

👦🏽👧🏽or the only ones who lost a parent or a sibling or a leg or a lover or a golden opportunity to start over?

⛱Why do we resort to impatience over patience, racism over tolerance, judging on labels of religion or nationality or gossips over soul and actions that speak for themselves?

🌹What if the big thing missing was me/you living to Give more and Do more, for others we meet- no expectation for a reward moral or material.

🗣Why are we wired to refrain or abstain from sharing, opening up, caring, loving, being kind, smiling… and all things that we know make us feel Good, and instead we run away, far, close doors, build higher walls?

🕵🏼‍♀️.. is It really Fear of getting hurt or pain or of breaking or being deceived? so, Why then would we almost always opt for “staying alive” when things go wrong or when we almost lose our chance to live as we “rush” to tick things off our bucket list feeling i needed more time to make things right.

🕺🏼Isn’t it part of being a “human” to live on all extremities and edges, to know what is pain, losing, heart breaking, starting over, being tricked or cheated, used, and hurt…

👑And, we do take alllll of these risks knowing that we shall touch the surface of what “Real love” or real caring feels like, or touch what kindness as a lifestyle looks like as someone extends it every 1 day of our existence!

🕶Don’t we take all these risks in return for the feeling of spending an extra night with someone we lost or someone ill?

🦋Arent we okay with taking these risks if it means feeling alive, getting a second chance at living life at large, like we never did until we hit that low or that loss or challenge in life ?

🐠I think i found it:

we need to be kinder and show it, accepting that if each of us was so, none will abuse as much or hate as much or feel as greedy as we all Do Today sometimes because we feel “threatened” by what the other may snatch away from us.

❤️The world was missing more “giving” and less snatching, more love and less fears of losing or dreading pain or error.

🧚🏼‍♀️Look around you, we all have family or friends who survived a traumatic incident story or relationship. Sometimes yes, things get out of hand and some people give up On life,


🥤Life goes on and most of us who have lost someone have also gained 10 others who were fighters and survivors against all Challenges life threw.

🤝Human nature fights for its survival. What do we little people then have to fear when nothing we are given is bigger than us to face- nothing, and that is a personal lesson i learned in all the hard yet beautiful ways.


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⚜️My Dedications: ⚜️

To each one of you, my people, who think your sensitivity makes you vulnerable or “weak”..

To every one of you gorgeous souls who judge themselves so hard for those days when you “slip” or just slow down a bit..

⚜️We are all human and our greatest strengths are what make us stand out, different, and therefore what others try to snatch away from us because they can never be as fragile or sensitive or compassionate, loving and genuinely loved in return, let alone live the beauty of human feelings to the extreme and really know what it means to have lived through hell up until we touched self-love, forgiveness, peace and the most superior forms of healing as a result (: ⚜️

No matter where you were

What you’ve been through

Or where you are headed;

No matter the lessons you learned,

And all the remaining that’s unlearned;

No matter all the knots,

… with the untied ones in the pit of your stomach,

there to stay like there’s no need to panic.



Like a bird with a broken wing,

Sometimes we all feel that ring,

Getting tighter and tighter around the throat

Dropping down to the gut,

Where then it is there to settle..

Making its way to the bottom of the kettle,

Still trying to pour out Tea,

To make others feel free,

Because that’s what brings it energy!

Fragile, agile, senile?

You were born agile,

You feel you will never grow senile..

If love disappointed you once,

And you don’t want to take a second hit twice, yet..

Opportunity will knock back at your door,

One day, someday

Because this is life


We live to interact,

to act, not act, and live a life unpacked;

to meet, to laugh, to cry, to hope, despair, to fight and surrender;

but only to rise again because our bodies demand it

… In their own little ways!

And all of this, all of it,

is the best way to learn

With whom we ought to Be Real.

We remain fragile.


If your career turned out disappointing,

Or what you do is really the object of your parents’ doubting;

If your friendships made you chase

..Disloyal mates who’d go behind your own back,

And in your own home talk crap

Puking in your hat,



We remain fragile.

Our fragility was not found to be lost!

It was not there to hide..

My friend!

The life we live is like the tide,

That moves us through the ebb and flow,

Until it makes our head blow,

And our heart explode,

With the extremities of the human feeling

That can be so healing..


We remain fragile!


A complete perfect being exists not!

See that public figure, famous speaker?

The known artist, the achieved banker?

The balanced yogi, talented dancer?

Every one has lost their compass!

And has hit an impasse.


Choosing to find that stillness,

On a boat amid the worst of illness;

They chose to navigate,

Meditate and not perturbate

…their hearts or minds with

People’s talks or the world’s negativity.


In your hearts,

Find your inner room,

Make it your broom,

Shovel out of your soul

Every every foul;

Make it a practice to send away with your very owl,

A message of peace and love

… To that body engulfing you,

To that soul embracing you.


If Your body is a shell,

Its interior is a bell,

With tintinnabulations every time you tell,

That world and every dweller of our universe,

That you will be yourself,

Unique and alive,

Living and ready to dive

…Into whatever life carries to your plate

Because you will always be your own mate!


Of strength, you will never run out!

I been there and couldn’t but count

The infinite blessings our minds can use to


… every challenge, physical or mental.

You have been there too, haven’t you?

And if you think living’s a game of only two:

Life or death?

Win or lose?

Wake up! You come from an endless fountain of creation.

You are an intricate being

Blown into life.

Fragile .. yet!

With every strike,

We get to ride the bike,

In a different direction

With a different kind of affection

Towards ourselves first and foremost.

If things did not change,

In our life and other people did not turn the page

…even if on us,

We wouldn’t push for change;

We wouldn’t aim higher,

Or see that down much lower

we could find our happy;

We Wouldn’t adapt, or expand,

That intellect, that street smart, life-smart,

This skillset that saved us from the next big blow,

And instead took us to the golden bow!

Where the arrows of creativity, peace, love, and positivity

… Brighten our once grim world:)

Life is way too short,

Not to believe in you.

Yes all fragile!

Life is way too short,

Not to believe this world was created for you to shine.


Why though would it want you to suffer?

Life is way too short,

To sit and wonder if i will make it through.

You will.

Love ❤️,


May 7, 2018; 9.54pm


Aching - Pic 1.jpeg
Annaya, LEBANON. Taken April 29, 2018


Some days you wake up dating..

The days on your calendar- eagerly waiting..

On the next one, I might stop hating”

Them days when you wake up sore,

Not like tired to the core, No.

More like limbs aching,

While in the background someone’s baking..

A delicious pie to heal all aching.



You..you sit there feeling:

How far is the healing,

And will my heart still be beating?

Your forehead burning,

Your nose hurting,

As the pain drops to the neck,

Ah! And now it’s hit the heart

Like the paint is splashed on a piece of art..



Because it feels tireless and useless,

Trying to explain what you feel,

When he isn’t bothered to peel.

You’re two worlds apart,

Where all those common grounds disappear,

Making way for only depths shoved off to the rear.


You’ll find someone who gets it better than me,

And that’s a definite –lee!

We may share one view from the same hospital bed…

But that was only partly manifested in each’s head!

Find someone simple,

Maybe even with a dimple!

I am not there,

But that’s where you are now..

Not where I am, and I can’t explain how;

I’ll keep chasing our common grounds;

Paying in all the pounds..

To understand where we grew apart.

But i’ll also know,

There’ll be nothing,  though lots of snow..

Covering the tips of your beautiful yet lost soul.



…Maybe you can handle,

All the tangled,

But my emotions are sincere;

They got to be untangled…

Even if they may not all at once appear.

Leave me alone. GO.

Oh the aching.


You don’t have to get it,

But you’ve already hit it.

Aching but inside you bet it’s baking!


… An enthusiastic start,

like a freshest tart (:

So many flavours spread out already,

Then a voice comes shiny and pretty,

Hi!! Have we met, in this life or maybe the other”?

“But I think we should hangout, ever been to Narnia?

You’d love it.”

Aching but baking the best of a new world

That comes out when you release the bird,

once caged inside of your beautiful soul

…that was temporarily “aching”.


Live, and Love Life.

And Live, and Love life again and again, and again.

A.l. w. a. y. s.




With all my love to you my people,

Started on my  Diary Apr. 10, 2018;

Inspired to Completion:

in Byblos- Lebanon  Apr.29, 2018; 9.40pm


Aching - Pic 2!
Completed my piece for you when I came across this gem <3. #inspiredme



One life.
Be the astronaut on this earth.
With the mind superior to all that we commonly see.

Be different,
Be silly, be fun, live, laugh, cry, venture in and out.

Be yourself ,
Allow urself to Feel like u don’t belong here,
And be sure u gonna lift half the population with u.. if thats really how u feel.

Because most of us long to be part of sthg bigger, more exciting,
Something that won’t let us wonder: so that’s all there’s to it, that Life? ,,

One life.
Show ur colours.
Pass every milestone with flying colours.
Its not always easy, but Really Living is so worth it.

Be the astronaut: 
Be dreamy,
Never entirely on this planet,
because there’s so much we can learn how to live outside our boxes!
Keep your feet below but your head up high
Soaring to where no idea ever dies.

Be that phenomenon.. that strikes even if just 1 person on this planet,
or a million if u prefer it,

and change. their. life.  

Be the astronaut..

On this earth. It’s where we are needed most.

#smallreminders #life



To Aya,

My idol. I love you.

To you, my people. ❤

31 years old was her new milestone.

She knew exactly what scared her to the bone!

Because she has entered the so called “zone”..

where doctors change that tone;

Where most nightmares are sown,

To the human brain that stands always prone.


But as she anxiously awaited confirmation..

Benign was it, or malignant?

… {silence}.. Indignant!

Yet, there she was standing at the station,

Taking the train to tell the whole nation,

Trust me, you would do just anything..to alwaysknow.”


It changes a life,

Makes her live a strife,

As the news sure cuts like a knife…

Oh But her beauty!

Was nothing like a duty, as

She never asked..”Why me

Yet she called on the other bee,

To make her plea,

Before it was too late. Still..

It’s never too late or early to know“, she said..


Get rid of that ghost!

Go & have that check;

Pick your card from that deck,

If it’s a tumor you get,

You are still no wreck..

because you knew, you know

And can still glow.


In your own body,

Or If anyone else you embody..

You are not just somebody.

Yes you were *Diagnosed!*

But only to be the Strength,

That can stretch at length

To overcome this.

Yes you were *Diagnosed!*

To be the Message!

And the Passage,

Of someone whose path was a wreckage.


To be the Sign,

and the lucky Dime..

The Salvation from human frustration..

Over the littlest things, especially when:

Humanity loses track of what really matters in this glimpse of a life.

Yes, *Diagnosed!*

as Carrier of Life,

Whose fight  inspired just right,

The love to live to be fired;

And all those who now admired…


and the *Prognosis!*: 

Malignant! Indignant!

Malignant! Indignant!

Malignant! Indignant!

But all that don’t matter!!

Love yourself enough to know.


Go & have that check;

Pick your card from that deck,

If it’s a tumor you get,

You are still no wreck..

Because you knew, you know

And can still glow.

#breastcancerawareness #friendship #negativeturnedpositive #strength #weakness #mindbattle #love #selfcare

To Aya…an idol.

To every one of you my people..

To the ladies *diagnosed* and not,

To the men who have known someone close to heart *diagnosed*..

Regular Day

Regular Day
Englischer Garten, Munich, Germany – April 6, 2018: Portrait of the Little Girl with a heart of gold and a dream of old, a heart of Beirut … who inspired this poem. ❤

It was a regular day

In Munich on a Friday.

It was a regular day,

Children in the play,

Like players made of clay

They played football in a greenest field

That couldn’t but yield..

Beautiful times and treasured moments.

It was a regular day

In Munich on a Friday.

The geese were flying..

Free, as no children are crying

The runners ran,

While the cyclists knew they can

Breathe in all the oxygen…

It was a regular day.

But in Lebanon on a Friday,

It was nothing but okay.

The people dying..

Of traffic and exhausts pumping..

Black gas into the lungs dumping.

It was a regular day,

But in Beirut that’s lost a certain essence;

Where the sun is there, yet somehow lost its presence.

Where people carried heavy hearts,

Questioning all things including fate,

And at that racing rate,

Find themselves asking those never-ending “what-if”s:

What if,

I was born outside of here?

Nowhere but also near…

Civilizations that turned to modern cultures

Instead of a glory that’s grown food to the vultures!

What if,

My destiny was different,

And I wasn’t as indifferent..

As heavy hearted or sickle,

Having to live in a part of the world that’s fickle.

What if…

I cared like they did,

On their side of the world, not like we dig,

Here on my side of the universe..

Where it sometimes feels like a curse.

It was a regular day

In Munich on a Friday..

But: In the heart of Beirut..

It was all but a regular day.


A day that carried a change of heart

In a perfect looking cart,

to a little girl who drew on her chart,

Her hunt for a simple life:

Basic pleasures and times of leisure,

Balanced by smart effort..

as she seeks to build her own little fort.

A legit little fantasy..

But one that looked like a heresy,

To the life that Beirut was being force fed,

By corruption, scorn and diversity torn…

Away from its blessed essence,

And more towards proving the presence..

Of one religion over the other,

Of one power

that only yielded sour…

It was all but a regular day.

The fantasy remains captive of a bubble

But blessed is the day,

It decides to cuddle..

With other dreamers, pure souls, No! with stallions!

Eager to form rebellions..

But nothing like Machiavellians.

It was all but a regular day.

And there will come a day,

Where the skies are no longer grey!

A day when they will prey,

On sunny skies, still lakes,

And in a colourful haze..

Indulge in large green meadows,

Where all goodness follows,

Effortlessly in a dreamy park,

Exchanging laughs, tight hugs,

And, Oh yes! Kisses,

To all the sore parts of the soul..

It was all but a regular day.

All my love,

Joy ❤

Inspired: April 6, 2018 in Munich, Germany.

Continued and Seen the light on : April 10, 2018.