Just Start

Sometimes we sit in our comfort zone, for long, longer than we had initially planned… that we forget people of other cultures in other countries are alive and kicking, living a life we knew nothing about:

A life rich in colours, flavours, and a kind of bustling in energy and peace simultaneously- to the extent that all of it can actually inspire us, enlighten entire hearts, and give us this needed “wake up” call to keep going and keep writing new pages of our book.

Sometimes, we get too comfortable, we slack, we slip, we tell ourselves, its ok- for the first time in your life you are slowing down, celebrate it, don’t get too ahead of yourself these few months, this year maybe even for a change.

Then, one day, a friend or family there, a gem running in your background.. invites you in- in conversation, in person, or into this sacred place, and u chat on.

Shortly after, You make that trip, You drive endlessly- to the north or to the extreme south of your country or head, you book that ticket to a journey of self-discovery,Or you grab that time chart, cease that focus, and wear your let’s-get-this ^^ done armour on.You then realise that:

1) you can find inspiration, drive, and motivation by still doing and prioritizing the things You love,

because that’s exactly how you’ll be inspired to complete the next phase of ur life: by just #starting. These are Not a distraction no matter what anybody says.

2) you are blessed to have these #gems in your life who themselves have been through a Lot, are going through a challenge or a start over, or are just about to step into an unknown future.

Even if these gems are only 1 person that you really know is there for you, then you have that gem. So why only see how many you don’t have and why forget about the 1 or 2 you actually have to Fly through life?

3) you are never alone, unless u choose to walk blindfolded through ur life…

because if you look closely, your own Life (your little circle) is giving you all the signs; it has taken you on the way :

to meet your Confirmation when you sought Doubt;

to meet your Happy Person/ place when you insisted on Sadness;

To achieve your success after you had Failed;

To be your Lesson, when you were determined to call them fatal Errors or Failure;

To meet Trust, when you had been Let down countless times,

To meet your Peace, when your soul was Agitated, Tired, Worn out;

Doubt, sadness, failure, errors, being let down, tired, and worn out are all meant to be part of life.

They are the “less greener side” that makes it “greener” on the other end- or so we think, and then we seek them to keep feeling “alive”.

Your own Life, right now, is a beautiful paradox that keeps:

Giving and taking, Adding and subtracting,those things and people you have, to keep the equation of good stuff and bad stuff up and runningto balance out your Life.

Just #start somewhere anywhere,

the rest (as in the right people, influence, things, time, dreams, and relationships) will flow because we are genuinely built to aim for more or for something new, so u Will get off that couch, that confusion.Start;

Define it and measure your milestones through it as u “live” every 1 day of your life achieving 1 little accomplishment after the other on your own self-gratification scale.


We do not always take the right decisions in our life, and we don’t have to :

because we are only humans and expecting 100% precision is just driving yourself nuts,

hence missing out on all of life which happens in between those lines.Be with that someone or don’t, take that job or miss the opportunity to do so, invest in where you think the future lies or don’t, take that trip or postpone it, chase this, or the other, … Whatever is your crossroad🚦 right now, Decide to START, and move to the next one. Countless options, people, and experiments are on their way to you regardless.Life is bigger than us, but in a really good way, that makes all the odds in your favour if u are willing to accept #change.

My people, I miss you

All my love,

Joy Oct. 12,2017 at 8.20am


One thought on “Just Start

  1. Life is a journey where we experience happiness & sadness. We may experience loss but we will have gains. We may lose something now, and it may get replaced with something better. Happiness may take time, so we have to just continue this journey with patience and we will reach our destination.

    “Joy is sometimes a blessing, but it is often a conquest. Our magic moment help us to change and sends us off in search of our dreams. Yes, we are going to suffer, we will have difficult times, and we will experience many disappointments — but all of this is transitory it leaves no permanent mark. And one day we will look back with pride and faith at the journey we have taken.”
    ― Paulo Coelho, By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept

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