Life in the shoes of a 542-slicer


542 is my running team.. for Beirut Marathon 2017; u’ve met some..

Every rum, changes our lives, like this:today’s goal was: 28km.

My lesson:

Everything seems so big and out of reach, until You break it down into pieces, and find people along the way to share it or your progress.

Maybe i was on runner’s high today. I was lucky, but these words are to remind you and me (when we miss that “high” whether to listen to our body, injury, or our coach), that:

Well, running 42km seemed like sthg entirely i m p o s s i b l e:

long, tiring, needs years of training, a no-injury history, and a dedication that we cannot afford to give in our busy daily lives.., the distance is too much even for someone fit, active, n all.

Today, maybe because i was on this high.. it felt like i “will” do it. I will do the 42km. I can and i will. So will You.

In our journey to-date, i never had that optimistic thought yet, probably u too (especially if you are now injured).

I had doubts, my knees , my health, my history… my will power, my physiology, my teammates, running buddies etc.

Yes, Everything seems so big on the outside..

But when u slice it open on the table of Life which u get to share with beautiful 542-ers eying the same goal, aim, fun, and life-changing experience, you suddenly realise:

“Look at where we are. When we had told our coaches: a 5k run? on the first day?! and for beginners like us,? is it not too much?, can we do less? We’re panicking …”


If we have 21km instead of 28km, we stand there like: 7km? piece of cake ,

Literally, right?

And when we are at 18km, we encourage our running buddy like: “we’re there!! just a 10k easy, Let’s have fun😎”

This #beirut542,

Well, it’s a bundle of life lessons as it turns out. One of which:

The next time you, like me, stand at ur own crossroads, in this Life,

Look at the intersection, the multiple exits there (we cross those multiple times on Corniche El Nahr area!), and

Pick something seemingly “big” to chase or change in ur life

(as we run, some of us pick a new pace, others pick new buddies along the way, some pick enjoyin it, smiling, an encouragement shout out, or a jump for the camera …).

Remember, nothing is out of your reach.

Evthng looks big, like 42k, but when you slice it open on the table of your current life and people surrounding you…


A 542-er, is a slicer.

He/she does not only #run,

they slice every seemingly “Big” dream into little bits of toast (like our Sundays) which make every 1 bite enjoyable,

topped with a “different” dressing,

until he/she eats their way through life, beautifully living in the “now”,

as they “run” yes, but rather slice right through, achieving 1 mini-victory after the other (like every extra 1km we run every Sunday)

PS: the toast bit is inspired by my #teamwalid who have so far shared a mad amount of foodie pics, mad i tell u, but by far most adorable, since our >10km runs .

Truly yours,

To every 542-er in Life:

We slice it! πŸ˜˜πŸ€ΈπŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸžπŸ₯‡

#lifelessons #selfhelp #dreambig #commit #canDo #beirutmarathon #teamwork #buddies #marathoners #DreamersAndAchievers

Truly yours,


Oct.1,2017 at 5.05pm


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