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We actually met this 73 year old gentleman (orange t-shirt) this morning at 7am, yes, 73.

He had started running with us early “am”..

Overly educated, cultured, really, respect🎩: perfect american english, impeccable manners, charming, a public speaker with such a charisma.

A total stranger i admired from afar so much that i had to compliment.. so,

I stopped just in front of him, to say a genuine “BravooO” for he was truly impressive at his age…

And he replied with a warmest smile,

I have been running for the past 60 years my friend. < em>The first 20years, i called it the “Running Passion”,< em>The next 20, i called it the “Running Addiction with a touch of Madness”, and< em> The Last 20 years, i call them “Running with complete Madness”.

My bottomline from meeting this inspiring human:

You never start anything too late.🙏🏼

You make sure you never ever give up on pursuing things you #love because they are part of you, part of making you happy.

He moved countries, jobs, and resettled between Lebanon, Europe, and the States for the past 60 years; it could not have been easy all the time..

nonetheless, he still committed. He was dedicated, disciplined, determined.

He honoured his passion, challenged all weather and all roads he was unfamiliar with in every new country:)

#manoftheday 😌

Ps: He reminds me os this guy, my teammates shared his story a while back:

It’s never too late to fill up your life with the things that enlighten and enrich Your unique spirit and heart.


Faithfully yours,


Sept.5, 2017 at 4.53pm

#gems of #people


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