Life is A Marathon..Not a Race

Life is a Marathon, Not a Race

I been wanting to tell you this for a month now. Life, work, long days got in the way.

But, because i missed you so, a piece of me is missing, and i decided ill share short posts from now on to keep you here and me with you.

On june 19, 2017 i signed up to run a 42.195km Marathon in Beirut.

Following my accident..yes, that messed up My knee and ligaments etc etc.,


Doing so, i also committed to training 3 times a week with a Team called “542”

It stands for :

5 months of training, to run


It is changing my life. In every aspect.

I am rearranging my plans with friends and family to fit my runs instead, that is how much it has transformed my life in less than a month.

I am meeting beautiful people.

My bubble is slowly forming and growing to include the most beautiful people.

It is beyond beautiful.

All those runners are just there for a challenge , or personal dedications and hidden agendas. A positivity like no other, a mass positivity!!

Our team with coach Walid is forming bonds nobody knew before or experienced. We care for each other, we look out, we are running buddies..

So, Every post from now on will be #OneStoryAtaTime about a member i met, really met and talked to, and their story:)

Oh, by the way, our team started with 120 runners, then to 115, and since, i vowed to get to know each one, and their name of course.

I think there are like 20-30 names tops i dont know i.e. Havent met and thats only because they were not showing up to the trainings for work or health or other hurdles unfortunately.

It has been marvelous, an undertaking like no other, truly really.

Tomorrow, i tell you who i met tonight and she made my bad day, truning it upside down:)

PS: always take on new undertakings, big or small.. does not matter.

With all my love ❤


Aug.31,3017 at 9.15pm


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