“Life Purpose”, in Her Eyes


— Not my own words tonight follow, but one of you my people, as she addressed them to me on April 13th 2017.

Absolutely inspiring, i leave them here for you #foodforthought —

*My take on the words “she” shared are at the end of the post; thank you:)*

“My angel,

Your sense of purpose is not derived from a ‘job’ or a role you play in life… Your purpose is so much more than that…

And so much more meaningful than any job on this Earth… So while I completely understand how unproductive you must be feeling and have a sense of wondering what you’re doing and where this is all going,

Remember that life is so much more than a job…

And your purpose, my angel, I speak from experience, Your purpose is so much more than being productive in a job…

Because for me, you’ve changed “my” world…

And call that purpose or sheer luck on my end, but it is so much more valuable than any kind of job…

Don’t get me wrong, I understand why it must feel frustrating… If anything I understand the feeling of ‘where is this all going’, ‘what am I doing’…

But in those moments go out and enjoy the sun,

the little things as you live by,

and you will find a purpose so much greater than any material thing in the world…

And count yourself lucky, even if it is just for having such wonderful weather and the time and opportunity to go out and simply… Enjoy…” […]


“[…] The more you give in life, the more you receive blessings and a happier life”. (Me, Joy)

The sharing above was not written by myself, but one of you my people and it is only fair that you  know 1 thing:

She is passing through one of the most difficult times of her life, truly.

Even I can only imagine how rough life is being in her face; nonetheless, she sends words and words to comfort “me”?

She has sent gems, gems like, “you’ve changed my world”!

So after all, it turns out there indeed are some people out there who care about you for you, not for a hidden agenda;

We can be to each other more than we can ever be in any “job” or “business”. Life’s challenges taught me that, but then again, Life gives me proof, and here it stands with the above words shared by a very dear friend, sister.

She’s actually non-biological “family”, the family of giving, and kindness too.

That strength..? Have you ever encountered it in anyone? A real friend? A fighter? A tough one? A kindest, wisest, smartest, a selfless one?

Hats off E., hats off.

I cannot understand how you can be going through so much yourself, and still pull yourself to write me such a heart-felt, warm, optimistic message that shows your depth of character, your balance, immeasurable strength and that shows me and my people here with you…our purpose in life.

I hope every one of you loyal followers and avid readers have someone to tell you and remind you, that You matter the most, then comes your job, money, education, etc.

It’s those whose worlds you change who will carry you to progress, self-growth, happiness, and public as well as personal success. Everything else that’s materialistic, either fades away or grows obsolete or insufficient.

Only people are able to make you immortal, whether in person or in your memory. If you’ve loved them and been kind to them, your genuine self, you have turned their world upside down and no one, no one ever forgets how you much better you made them feel in their lives about the lives they lead or can lead.

Truly yours,


April 19, 2017 at 10.32pm


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