The Grass is Not Always Greener on the Other Side

My beautiful people:)
I shared this message today with my other people on my daily (email) chain of kindness created a couple years back, and for a first, i wanted you too to get a peek into it as well..
Well, because its effect was so powerful on me, it got to me, so I wanted to share my lesson with you hoping it spurs a bit of happiness and gratefulness into your life as it did mine today:
IMG_5867 (2).PNG
With my humble experience in life and my people to-date,  i would say,
“Nothing external can ever validate, really validate your worth”, 
Experiences we pursue then, stop being means to an end, and are pursued for what they are, for the sake of pursuing them, enriching our life.

You know, the grass is not always greener on the other side… no,

because the other side is often our own creation of a more perfect world where “perfection” does not exist in the first place because by nature, humans change their minds, they often want what they lose and lose what they want chasing the former;
If you or I have a house or a mansion now, today, man is able to remain ungrateful, not really appreciating it- until one day, he cant afford a roof over his head anymore, or when he loses his health or mobility..
Only then, does he realise,
oh, i had it all, why didn’t I know? Why wasn’t I just “happy”?
It’s human nature, so it’s not wrong or a shame to feel or think of things like that, not at all:). I do, most of the times.
But it doesn’t mean we can’t push a teeny bit further , every morning , to remind ourselves constantly that we are already blessed with all we have right now, right where we are standing.
Look around, each of us truly is:)
💪🏻Gratefulness is a key, one of many to a happy life –
So the reminder to me and you my people today is:

Your side is definitely green enough, and those who love you and are there for you as you, will still be there if you had more, less, or the exact same in the years to come:) 


One of my people on the email chain of kindness shared their feedback on my sharing this morning, thought you’d want to see it. She made my Day, truly.

FullSizeRender (54)

Truly yours,


April 12, 2017 at 11.39am


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