It Shouldn’t Trouble You

It shouldn’t trouble you much if,

Your career is or is not exactly how you planned it in 10 years time,

It shouldn’t trouble you much if,

your job isn’t as fulfilling right now, or if your personal life is not where you wished it would be some day.

Really. Do you know why?

Because besides your bank account, your career, &

Besides your partner and personal insecurities:

Every day or every now and then, there is something You Are doing right.

Every now and then, you receive a hug, a call, a word, a look, a post, a new friendship, person or an incident, whereby one person you touched expresses their gratefulness for having You in their life this week, month, year.

Even the most “horrible” human beings… have done (a) good thing(s) that earned them a holiday card, a thank you note, a special nod, a coffee invitation, an appreciative look or gesture.

Such recognition counts Most, so they are not that horrible after all on alternate scales of life, are they? We should not lose sight of What Really Matters, let’s not?

What we are here for is not solely a job, rank, prestige, or success.

Yes these are additions, drivers, motivators, & goals. But,

“People” are what we all need in our journey whether a failed one or a succeeding one.

They are a more accurate measure of how truly good our life is.

If you have “people” on your team of life, you are richer and happier than you think 🙂

Measure your happiness not in material collections but rather relationships:

People  – your tribe, in all of life because when all else can and will go away someday, all that is left is your imprint in someone else’s life, their knowledge, their feelings, their growth, and their families.


It shouldn’t trouble you much…

This “non-people” aspect of life: that career, position, possessions, etc.

Don’t let the “non-people” aspect of life get to you; it sure will try but, remember what matters:

People in that life of yours – no matter how humbly you lead it on all other aspects.

With all my love,


April 10, 2017 at 12.30 am


5 thoughts on “It Shouldn’t Trouble You

    1. I am humbled. and speechless, which is rare for me. Karis, i dont know what to say. You just made my week, year actually. for real. u have no idea. wow. thank you is such a small word.thank you, thank You … …
      Very truly yours,

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for dropping by, more so, for sharing what you think 🙂
      You know, with your comment now, and those i got on this post i think this has by far become one of my favourite posts, because of you, my people and how we all relate on it.

      You give my writing aka life, more meaning with every time i get t meet one of you warm and generous people on this platform.

      thanks again lovely.
      Joy ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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