I Have a Friend

[An attempted, simple poem i ventured into, instead of a traditional piece of my longer messages tonight. Hope it conveys virtues you see in friends of yours:) ].

I have a friend.

He is nothing like anyone I knew.

He is bright, vulnerable too

He’s had a broken heart,

.. a heartache I probably will never understand fully or as deeply as he feels it

I have a friend.

He’s had his share of fake friends,

Fake people, empty circles ..

Others who have let him down, big time

He has his weaknesses, trust issues, his thoughts on his last day here

I have a friend.

He has a depth of understanding one cannot but fall in love with

He says everything you do not want to hear.. annoyingly, yes, but only if you didn’t know him

He sees in a situation everything you do not see,

He makes you feel like you want to smash his head at times, oh

He loves arguing, but he’ll make you love it

He’ll make you scratch your brains, push a change of heart

I have a friend.

He cheekily loves being right, duh, who doesn’t?

He imposes himself at times with others,

And you could hate him for that,

Yet, in other times he does not,

If you closely notice it, he leads teams

He takes people with him on the mission, dream, drive,

His enthusiasm reveals a beautiful love to live, one he sometimes does not see cause he’s too busy living it so awesomely:)

But he has lived, felt, seen, experienced,

I have a friend.

He has  been on the dark side,

One I may never fully know a lot or all about,

One that’ll push judgement at times,


The people he trusts..Oh, their well being comes before his own,

Few these are, but lucky and privileged they sure are to have him,

To have his sweetest heart:)

He loves movies, and their jargon(A),

Educates you about them knowing you’ll barely memorize the tips haha,

He lacks a hobby, as like most of us, he lacks the ‘time’

He’s such a good listener,

An attentive sometimes speechless scholar,

I have a friend.

He captivates you with how he balances his words sometimes

He is ambitious, dangerously but beautifully ambitious all at once

He plans, plans, I hadn’t seen anyone who plans as sharply

I have a friend.

Trust worthy as he is,

You open up, little by little

But you think he can’t see that,

He keeps asking for more, to know more

Yet, it seems like he’s giving less? or at status quo, but only in some ways, on some days

In other ways, if you’re sharp enough to spot it,

He gives.. a lot

He is practical, sometimes very realistic it hits you;

I have a friend.

It is said he lost the belief in words and expressed emotions,

Why would he express them, when he did once when it counted the most?

Words can all go away someday, as we have all experienced, sure

Words had betrayed him with an agonizing act,

Years went by, and when no one expected it not even himself, he rose again.

I have a friend.

He attempts at anything more times than any one could imagine,

But sometimes his attempts to seize the future today..trick him,

He forgets to live the Now, to express the now, to love what’s on the table today

I have a friend.

He does not express his feelings a lot,

In fact, he probably rarely does “like you know it”;

When you call him up after a week or two, you scold him

His actions or distancing will push you to do just that, yea!

I have a friend.

He listens, and listens a bit more..

You feel a sincerity emerge through his listening,

You start learning about his respect to you, to your words,

Their weight on his life, their effects on his life, their meaning

Apparently, it’s another nontraditional way he expresses He cares

You speak up, hang up,

You cannot but understand now: this is how He cares

If he trusts you, he offers a lot, actually: everything

I have a friend.

A child’s heart in a grown man’s body, the kindest that is 🙂

His help, simple connections, practical chats, thoughts, solutions, insights

His real alternatives are on the table,

For you to choose from.

I have a friend.

He allows you to start over,

He has his off days, eves, and nights out – but don’t we all sometimes?

You know what? They pass if you admire and respect him enough for what he is today

When you think he’s being distant,

He does not apologize or make you apologize,

I have a friend.

He simply offers you pieces of his world,

For you to use if/when they help you

He has no time limit on those pieces offered,


And then I learned, and I still learn, this is how He cares.


My people,

This was inspired by chats and meetings lately with J. my friend; Remember:

Do not judge someone for not expressing or reacting to things you express

People are not always identical to you in their emotions

Look for alternate ways they use to show you something,

See what if they really try to offer something, in ways they are comfortable:)

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Started March 18, 2017 at 5.27pm;

finalized March 29, 2017 at 1.14am


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