To Mama E. from your Child-to-Be, written by my Angel

Abstract: People around the world have their struggles, but also their joys. A very dear friend of mine is expecting..but she has had her doubts on being able to make it, through her new life, now… She fell in despair once, early-on in the pregnancy, yes, emotionally, physically, all of it.

But ever since: she picked herself up more times than i could ever write about. From here, the optimal evidence of picking herself up, lies in the words of the little angel growing in her tummy right now, her son or daughter to be.

It is Mother’s Day in Lebanon on March 21st, so because her child is still a bit “too young” to express him/herself, this letter allows my affection and love for my friend E., a mom-to-be, to write E., and help her celebrate Mother’s Day because Well, she’s now a Mum and it’s only a few days before her ultrasound confirms the little child’s a girl or boy:) 

Dearest Mama,

It’s true doctors tell you I am not really “born” yet, but:


my angel, Joy, whom you introduced me to last week when all three of us had coffee in the special Diary you are prepping (for me when i am old enough okay i know), has helped me write you this letter.


She started writing it when she came back on the eve of March 21, 2017 having taken her mummy and daddy out to a loveliest dinner and gotten her mummy beautiful flowers because they celebrated Mother’s Day in Lebanon on March 21st.

However, mama E., I fell asleep as our angel was reading to me the bits she wrote..

And, I am embarrassed to tell you that; well, because you mama ate so many yummy foods yesterday, and then you watched superheros and played awesome video games, and then you laughed so much thinking of me, that you took a nap feeling so serene, and so, i fell asleep too:$ and the letter had to wait till today, to reach you.

I am sorry mama i am late in wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day and late to talk to you sooner, but it felt so good in there, at yours, and i couldn’t help it:O<3


I may not be born in the eyes of your doctors yet, but our ultrasound is this week! And it is the week of Mother’s Day at Joy’s, our angel’s country (and this is no coincidence).

Mama, this special week will tell you and me, if i will be a boy or a little girl! Honestly, I cannot wait to know. I’ve spent the past weeks deciding if i like pink or blue more, and other friends i made in there at yours said, colours will look different in my new home, with you, in the Netherlands. Is it true mama?

And, mama, i also cannot decide if i want to be Superman, or Wonder Woman:O So can we know already?

But, to be honest, mama, i need to tell you: thank you, for taking care of you, to take care of me, here, safe in your little tummy Ma. 

Oh, and i love all this new and healthy food and cravings you are having, please keep them coming, please? because i want to grow up to be a superhero. Oh, and, mama, never mind the few pounds you gain, i promise even from where i stand (oh, lay i meant:p) you look absolutely beautiful.

Listen to your “inner voice” they say, right? That’s ME mama!:D forever and ever from now on, now you know it’s ME!

And more so, here from my VVIP seat inside, I can see the all of You- inside out. Do you not keep telling me this and think of it? “People are beautiful from inside out and not outside in, and this is what you need to learn little one.” It is what you tell me every day, isn’t it? It keeps echoing in your thoughts cause i hear the thoughts!

I can see your tears being processed, I can see how you try not to let them out..:) Oh but i also see the smile on your face before you even let it out;)

I can hear your voice before you even say the words, i can hear you sing to me, I can hear your stories about my Angel. All of them too.

Mama, from in here, even before i see your gorgeous face, I can see through your eyes how happy you want me to be, i can feel how strong you are trying to be…but above all, i know Mama..

i know why you are being so strong: for Me, isn’t it mama?

I know how much you want to give me a good life, like the song we heard Mama on the radio the other day!! Hear & Read this is us Mama:)

I feel your heart skip a beat every time you think of me, and of me coming into this world.

I will love the world mummy and it will love me- you will see, i promise:) Because i learned this from your heart, the same heart that gives me life and the world every one day.

I also know, sometimes you are sad. Very sad, sadder than you express to anyone sometimes..

I am too, when you are. I know we will have our off days. our fights.our disagreements.our troubles, but please know that i also have your heart, your kindness which i see you extend every day in the smallest of ways, tiniest of words to our angel, and to your few but amazing friends you still have now as i grow here into a little butterfly.

You know, my baby friends were saying the other day:

It does not matter which part of this world you are born in or how you come into this world, or if you have a bigger or a smaller family.

What makes you and shapes you when you grow up is the deepest love you get from that 1 person alive solely for you. The way she raises you, the authenticity of her actions and words and of her Yes and her No-s will make you the man or lady she deserves to see in you.

I see your thoughts and even your dreams, this is why last night you probably couldn’t sleep .. ? 🙂

Mama, I was in your heart, trying to tell you I love you and i am here for you. It does not matter where we live, or the tough things you want to tell me one day when i grow up, i will always love you and know what you came through to give me a loved, balanced, affectionate life to live.

We are going to be alright; we are going to be happiest; we have the right people in our life mama.

Above all, Mama we have each other and you learned again this year that Family is all we can trust. Family. And i want to meet Grandpa! Please tell him that too from me, please (Giving you that puppy eyes look) :$

Please, keep reading a lot, sometimes i fall asleep on all this legal stuff you read to me. Not to say it sounds boring,  but as your brain digests all of these articles and statutes in the EU and Britain, it makes a very funny sound hihi, and it puts me at ease so i snuggle.

Mama, do not be afraid. We have the strength. Also, our creator, Up there, knows exactly what we need, and he will provide, if we have faith in him and his ways.

It will be tough, then easy, then average, then okay, but throughout all these phases Mama, we will have of laughter.

We will have time we spent together, quality time. These, no one can ever take away from us, no other life priorities because we both learned so much about life priorities and we know, our time together when i’m a baby and a bit older and then older, will shape our special bond and my future.

Mama E., Have a Happiest Mother’s Day. Please, be happy so I can be happy, would you find it in your heart to do that for me?

Love you, to the moon and back.

Truly Yours,

Your little angel (helped by our older Angel who type this out for me after our one one one last night:$)

March 22, 2017 at 6.54pm









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