Workaholic? The 3-5-7 approach

*Just left the office on time for the first time* today Oct.25, 2016.

*Deciding to shut down the part of the brain labeled ‘work’ exceptionally today and hopefully this week, jumps into car to drive to the gym*


*Yet, voices in the brain whisper:

  • Oh no, u forgot to email that client and the other and oh,
  • first thing tomorrow morning i need to  send this, email that, print this, meet that…
  • Joy!! You should have sent that document so the other teams can check it and get back to you urgently
  • the chairman’s approval request, oh snap let’s send this one from my iPhone now whilst stuck in traffic
  • i should better call for an urgent team meeting tomorrow to … *


No, no no and no. just STOP.

9 hours a day are the official working hours, and these are considered almost universal (with the recent exception of few countries these days, like Sweden for instance which has recently been experimenting with a new, reduced working hours of its people, according to research that proves individual productivity is maximized by doing so.)

I currently still have my job, been there one year precisely now, but now, i am not so sure this is what i want ..

I am 27, and my sister, Sadness, does look up to me big time.. she did indeed especially this time last year, when i opened up this blog, believing this is genuinely what i want and what i was meant to do.

Alas, every workplace has its unprofessional-ism, and/or its incompatible team members..

every one place or person we find ourselves in or with, eventually loses that shiny outer layer that first lured us into it, and then we find ourselves self-wondering, telling ourselves:

Don’t lose sight of why you do/did it! Remind yourself why you decided to start.. 

I reached out for help, from people within my circles, mentors and just close people and friends..

I learned one interesting theory I had never read about or heard of before:

The 3-5-7 approach!

I am confused as to should i stay, face the challenges and hard times, absorb all negativity in myself and within the workplace, or should i leave, do what i see best or better for me right now..

The 3-5-7 approach is apparently quite dissipated among some people;

3 years in begin to re-evaluate your job where you are, your development;

5 years get out;

7 years consider how you are going to stay in the game longer if you are staying, or seriously get out before you become a company person and build up too much firm specific human capital.

I have spoken to five friends this past week, and believe it or not, all topics coincided at one theme:

the uncertainty residing within the current job that each of them does, wondering if they should stay where they are or seek change before they “get hooked or stuck” ..

Hoping this may help you and them, now or at some point, really 🙂

Do you know of any other theories or advice to my friends and myself? I’d love to read you out.

Sincerely yours,


Oct..31, 2016; 1.35am


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