Live, Boldly.

We (You) only have one life … Let us Live it Boldly.

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One life, my people

one chance,

my (your) Now,

at doing whatever it is we want to be remembered by.

Live each day as if it were your last.


[Seriously, not in a cliche sense. Think about it PLEASE. Why NOT? Why? I can’t really hear you please speak up, we’re exchanging opinions here 🙂

Are you convinced with any of the reasons you just gave yourself? I am not, personally, but it’s just me.]

It’s not about being “reckless”, but having the courage to make things happen, live them NOW, when we’re here, living not just exisiting.

Stop just being a Thinker, and become a Doer, who turns dreams, visions, and passions into a lifestyle.]



“You’ve got one life, it’s your duty to live it as fully as possible.” (Me Before You – 2016 production)

If I (you) were diagnosed with a terminal illness or knew today was your last day on this Earth (nothing yet can predict when is our last day right?),

So what would you do? Make a list, Go on, take a pen and paper or go to your folder on that i-pad, Go On;  

I would:

  • Travel to Brazil right away

[been postponing it for ages for reasons not solid enough trust me, even finances have a way round them; i’m sure if i were ill, i’d find a way around them won’t i, won’t you too?]

  • Call my friends who organize TEDx and ask them to schedule me in for a talk

[I keep waiting for the “perfect timing”…pff, that could partly be true alright, but I can always do one now and another when I “think i have more to share”, can’t I?]

  • Train for the 42k Marathon upcoming in October 2016 and Become a professional runner, representative of the Beirut Marathon Association

[Not having the ‘time’ for it is my broken record on that one really, sounds familiar to You?]

  • Fly to Italy to see two dearest friends: P.P. and C.M.

[my broken record on that one: no time to PLAN this, imagine me!? + taking work leaves at that point in my career and position there – trust me, every single job i took on, i have said the exact same and it was NEVER a ‘right’ moment to ask for a leave. There IS a diplomatic way of doing that, and with some planning, I know i can ask for it, it’s my right as a human being to simply “ask” for something and see how it goes from there – never did, but this year, on the bright-side, I’ve grown more confident and it’s changing! I have already asked ..;)

  • Fly to the UK to meet my soulmate, sister in heart, mind and soul: Ella, and spend a time of our lives going out and everywhere and talking, connecting nights with day… 
  • Take my sister to Dubai right now
  • Take my Mum to Italy, as a surprise, for a mother-daughter special bond whilst we visit mum’s rock in life – and now mine: Saint Rita of Cascia
  • ….

I personally feel the need to always remind myself of that, to get myself back on track when i feel most down, tired, and exhausted…

“You (I) will not find that passion in things […] or money , Because the more things and the more money You [I] have, you will […] use this as the metric, and there will always be someone with MORE[…]”

( video on Passion, Passion, and Passion in Life shared by an inspiring friend today N.J.)

june 26 2016.jpg
(Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People)

“I want the world to be better because i was here. Your life will become better by making other’s lives better.”

june 26 2016 pic 2 run.jpg
My morning run today was the inspiration for my post; the scenery was just thought-provoking, relaxing, beautiful in its simplicity. I am privileged to have the legs, health, and chance to enjoy it. #truth 

With every ounce of love to you on this  I-am-alive-Sunday,


June 26, 2016; 2.42pm







4 thoughts on “Live, Boldly.

  1. Beautiful and inspirational!! Quite the thought-provoking run you had, yet all you say is true. It doesn’t even have to be big things that you do, just live now!! Appreciate what you do have and do something today that you’ve been putting off for someday!! Thanks for such great thoughts!! 🙂

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