Habits and Futures

Sunny morning here in Lebanon my people!

It feels so warm, but i am also thoughtful and warm at heart this morning, especially talking to you before I hit the office around the corner from the coffee shop i am sat at in Beirut.

A thought has been chasing me this past week;

hence, my Lesson of the Week is here early, and I can’t wait to share it with you and hear your thoughts on it:

this thought’s words and gist have popped up to me in various ways; through people i met, colleagues’ conversations, books or articles i read etc.. and all provoked the same message in my head and life now:



All i will comment on this is:

Can we strike a deal right now? Would you help me and help me help you give it a shot for a better, more accomplished, winning lifestyle?

How about, starting today, we each pick every week: 1 new habit to follow OR change one habit we have?

I took this challenge-to-grow personally, took it on this morning as i decided to cut down on coffee until i quit it.

I usually drink at least 2 to 3 mugs a day; I’ve decided this morning, following this week’s thought above, to change a habit, build a more winning one, to test if it makes a difference – as the quotes in my mind and visualized here really propagated to me.

Perhaps as i just start off, a habit every day will be daunting, so we can start taking one on every Week perhaps?, and then as we watch how we cope or win, we can switch to one new habit every day? 

I’m now drinking my tea and really, it smells amazing, and i feel the energy in it!

Let me know how it ges for you, every time i have a habit, i’ll drop it here, so u hold me accountable alright? Really, i think i’ll win this, and so would you.

There is so much i personally want to do and say and gain and earn, so i’m trying out habits that can get me closer.

“You can’t achieve success unless you change something you do on a daily basis.”

Have a fabulous day!! and remember, i love you. Without you, my blogging would be different, i would share less, much less and be lonelier, less self aware, and less mature 🙂

Truly Yours,


June 16, 2016





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