If it Matters to You, then it Matters!

Warmest Hello beautiful people :):)

How are you tonight?

I’m super-excited to tell you about the First speaker hosted as part of my new career as an academic: educator and researcher. By coincidence, I also found out it’s the first Speaker to actually give an intervention in our School.

My First!! And it did not come about to here, tonight, this post on our shared diary, without constant reminders and ups and downs that taught me this over and over again for the past 2 months especially. I share them with you, as always hoping they could inspire or remind you of what matters:

I genuinely believed it mattered to couple my instructing with an experts’ words, practical experience and specific skills developed as they, specialists, work in the field every day.

Around me though, the environment and its forces at work was ‘less enthusiastic’ and more systematic ..

I was discouraged, so often, to take the extra mile myself;

Why would I, when i see the majority doing things systematically and the ceiling set for  performance just getting lower and lower and lower..?  ? 


My Lesson of the Week:

If something matters to you, it will matter to others, to 1 or 100 doesn’t make it any ‘less important’;

Don’t shove it off, rush it, underestimate it, or keep it secret fear of being belittled because


You may just have opened a new door  and offered appreciation and friendship to a complete stranger by doing what you “so-humbly” initiated:

Being in any one work place environment is difficult – ANYwhere in the world, would you agree?

People by nature may get jealous, colleagues may not be compatible, teams or team members may be competing for a promised reward, promotion or hidden agendas, pay may be/is always unfair, clients may sometimes break you or make you, and ethics always finds a way to jeopardize itself in any industry you’re in, deviating you from your own convictions- sometimes.

Many people, some colleagues, friends I asked for advice, email correspondents I inquired on a few things I lack experience in belittled my continuous efforts to create an extra-curricular world to our students at the British School;

a world I thought and still think is crucial to the sustainability of our programme and its distinction, quality of education and experience in our society and region of the world.

Has anyone ever belittled Your contribution, idea(s), or an act of kindness or generosity or friendship.. you extended?

Well here’s my  little realization; they probably did not mean to “belittle” it really, it’s just that:

blog may 29th
There is always (or should be) a piece of You that is yours, not for the entire world to know or see, because it makes you who you are deep down. Keeping it there preserves its “authenticity”, as it radiates in the form of a shining light onto others, and that’s how they see it – not by you telling them.

So, non-proponents of this culture belittled – intentionally or not, regardless- my efforts to find, screen, and really “love” a speaker, a qualified one of course, but who also just ‘clicks’ with my genuine drive to develop and engage students/young professionals/future leaders, tie them to the external world slowly, by transferring my passion to share all knowledge and lessons with others.

I was looking for a speaker and professional I could confidently share with my students and know that he/she will “connect” to their attitudes and expectations from ‘undergrad life’, enlightening them, adding something to their lives or circles – no matter how small, but that they would never forget & utilize when they face the challenges life will throw at them soon in the Employability Market.

For months, I felt alone, in my own bubble, questioning and doubting if after all, I must perhaps drop the chase of a good speaker and drop the entire “striving-to-offer my students an ultimate, special exposure” to network, meet the practical aspects of career paths chosen, in a profession they might end up picking.

I had delivered the needed curriculum, fully and impeccably yes, but as the passionate Educator I’m realising I am, I could not let go one idea since the semester began:

I need to offer my students what i did not have in my undergraduate years – a lot less “theory” and a lot more practice, memorable people or roles in life that they will never forget they performed or met real people doing them out in the real world.”

I even left work early on some days for the past months, to attend events and workshops in renowned universities, to really ‘head hunt’ their speakers, if they spoke to me i.e. inspired me. Some did, some felt completely not genuine but commercial or not up for it or out of focus.

This past week, on May 24, 2016, it happened, the All of it, ALL THAT MATTERED to me, actually Mattered to OTHERS and changed their lives, whose?

a) my Students!! 

the way they now look at me and resort to me for career advice and local market news, picking new career tracks since that intervention!! – surreal!


b) my Guest- Speaker !!

It turned out it was his first intervention for university students; he learned loads, HE felt important (and as per Dale Carnegie, Man needs to feel important by nature) knowing that I could only do this through him as my “others” this time.

He now has intervening with students as his asset and is working to get the chance to meet and adopt other students who could really benefit from a direct exposure to a market professional, having heard the feedback i shared when my students came up to me, so grateful of having heard him out and asked their questions .

On another note, my speaker and I each gained a Friend, a like-minded someone to learn from, someone who shares our passion to help others – otherwise he wouldn’t have really agreed to make time for us on his tight schedule would he?


My students and I hosted at 11am, for my Introduction to Marketing Class this week, the first eminent Speaker for our British School students.

I am immensely grateful to the engagement, support, and time that this professional, my speaker, D.A.offered and shared.

He is the regional IT and Project Manager Manager at a renowned Coffee Chain; he had started out as a mere salesperson, taking orders, brewing, and preparing coffees 15 years ago, and today he is coining, and leading a massive break through in digital marketing, that will evolve the online marketing and image of the company and the experience it offers to its customers.


When such a high-caliber professional insists on texting you (as cropped in the image above for you) his gratefulness and offers to help enrich the lives of your undergraduates he adopted,  does that make your motivation and determination and passion matter? 

My dearest Others,

If it matters to you personally, deeply, then it matters in the life that you lead, doing whatever you do. We’re all connected in ways humans cannot see wholly.

You should go for it, fight for it, and believe that leaning into it will definitely  change someone’s life, whether they were in your initial equation or added to it because of something that mattered to You;

we humans are more often than not short-sighted, tend to prefer the short-run half solutions rather than the longer-run ones only because we care about our day-to-day well-being, naturally.

This post is just a little heads-up to keep an eye on the amazing results we reap in the bigger picture that slips our range of sight at times.

Never ever let anyone’s remarks, works, or actions, belittle the “little ideas or Eureka moments” you can see get through and make a difference, because they always DO.




May 30, 2016 at 12.15 am



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