A Secret Ingredient


Sharing an interesting, recent life mix of: Loneliness, Hope, Reflections, and Love.

Happy Easter my beautiful people;

celebrating or not this holiday, I hope we all had a ‘fair’ amount of time: to mend, to take care of ourselves, and to enjoy the things and people we cherish most in our busy, sometimes overwhelming lives.

I am compelled to share one gem to take away tonight:


A Movie Recommendation: Unconditional (link below)

Came across this movie by chance tonight. No words can possibly express how it spoke to me, truly. Powerful, beautiful, realbased on a true story of someone who chose, like us on this platform, to share their story, perhaps it may help others:)


My Lessons of the Day (if you have the time, please do read-on):

I had met my beautiful friend since high school, E.G. earlier this afternoon. Honestly, I had been procrastinating our catch-up for weeks on end to be very honest, justified horribly by: “i’m too busy/overworked, stressed “etc. you get the idea.

Our exchange … left us both ‘cured’. For real.

Lesson #1:

All it took was the will, the nudge forward to actually meet up, selflessly investing an hour of our time in one another.

Highlight of our catch-up: we brainstormed on new, practical plans to launch in this upcoming month, for a more interesting, enriching life outside of work/other commitments life imposes on us more often than not:

I, Joy, have the expansion of my Blogging learning curve & the self-enjoyment/fulfillment that comes wrapped within those, in the lines of new acts of kindness I can/shall coin for My People (Stay tuned for those!);

while E.G. has a good amount of amusing investigation to discover something she loves to do, for herself, not for anything or anyone else and start it. It’s time for new options on the table of life!

Not by coincidence, this past week was also blessed with the visit of a precious friend E.H.; I did not get the chance to tell him though things I’d also love you, my people, to hear:

Lesson #2:

I urge you to always knock the doors, even when you’re not sure who or what will be on the other end;

1.I began to fall in love with the Bloggers’ community I am exploring online day in, day in!

I would just love it if everyone now ‘meets’ my new friends here on the blogging platforms: Steph and Tea especially :D:D

Beautiful, beautiful people, stories, and moral support.

2.Opening up this Blog and posting on it merely to share my story with “others” who share my cup of tea in life, is the best thing I EVER did in my life so far.

Every new notification on here gives me the chills and every new blogger i discover close to my outlook to life and character gives me reason to celebrate, be thankful, and smile every single day.

3. The “we only truly grow through others” Life Lesson & Self-help tip ‘driving’ this Blog wins yet again:

I wanted to give my students (first through third year undergraduates) a special, professional guest-speaker for their Marketing Modules, so i spread the word genuinely across my humble network of people- no one renowned or hotshot trust me.

Within 6 days, exactly, I was referred to, met, and chatted with my confirmed Speaker – a hotshot, regional Marketing  Professional in one of the biggest Holdings in the Middle East, R.B.

Hearing my genuine mission with students in my first year as an academic, and sensing my excited intentions to share with our students something ‘practical, memorable and engaging’, he is now willing to share his story, expertise, and knowledge for no return – at a date we assign with our university. I cannot wait to see how we’ll get on with this!

Talk about investing through “others”? What do you think? How else could I have currently grown in my mission as instructor and academic officer of my students at the British School of Business, if not by asking “others”, valuing or  recognizing “others”, genuinely appreciating them, being interested in what drives them, and hearing or learning from “others”in the networks of my people?

🙂 I rest my case for tonight on this one.

Lesson #3:

In the loneliest times of all, you’re never really alone. Love is the most powerful thing on Earth and I’ve seen what it can do.”

I learned not to ever again underestimate the Love of our “special people” and how much it allows them to understand us.

I learned not to ever again underestimate how much putting the ‘small’ yet crucially-needed effort to see a good friend (you don’t see every day because of ‘life’) over for a Coffee/Tea can do you good and release you from weeks of ‘not-such-a great’ relationship with life.

I learned to always live simply- literally; that is, communicate all grey thoughts or areas you may have because only by honest expression and naked truths, do two people really strengthen and build-on their relationship.

I am sure it was no coincidence at all that, as I felt I could not understand life perfectly these past two weeks, the right people next to me, E.G and E.H. were here for me, when I thought I was the one who should be/is here for them.. but then I realized,

Lesson#4: The Secret Ingredient

Soulmates… 🙂 the blessing I recently understood right.

A true Soulmate is not a perfect fit it seems! It’s more of, a mirror, the person who show you everything that is holding you back,

the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life.

[…Soulmates] tear down your walls and smack you awake […].

They come into your life just to reveal another layer of yourself to you, and then leave.

[They] shake you up, tear apart your ego a little bit, show you your obstacles and addictions,

break your heart open so new light can get in, make you so desperate and out of control that you have to transform your life[…]“.


Always eager to know your thoughts..:)

With all my love,


March 29, 2016.



6 thoughts on “A Secret Ingredient

    1. Dear Robert,

      Thank you,
      so much,
      for taking the time to type this out to me; i am thrilled to hear bits of my sharing got to you.
      Honestly, i don’t think it’s a sad indication on ur end at all, no flattery. Just think of how flattered and privileged your ‘quick’ comment as you’d put it, – made me feel; let me help: i felt a) ecstatic b) motivated &energized to give More c)privileged- for beautiful people like you to recognize my genuine sharing and/or move them one way or another. d) i just loved it 🙂

      Your comment is already carving my next post..but more so, backing-up my entire passion for blogging as my way of being there for others & vice versa.

      I look forward to grow,in life, with supportive individuals like you on this amazing platform definitely changing my life & my people’s too.

      Sincerely yours,

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah Joy,
        My heart lightens to hear you say this. You are gracious in your life and generous with your words and I can think of no better way for any of us to be. Quite how lovely it is to get this letter from you I cannot even begin to describe. Letters like this are the reason I sit here and share; they are the reason I am here in this realm. What is the use of living if it is not for connecting and supporting each other.
        I am your friend if you will have me.


    1. Dearest Deb,
      Your words sooo warmed my heart;

      thank you immensely for dropping them here:) I’d love to ‘meet you’ more ‘legitimately’ and so will drop onto your page, tomorrow for sure!

      It’s my sister’s birthday tonight (*excited yay*), she’s celebrating it and i have a huge, surprise, tailor-made birthday cake for her.
      A mini-chef/friend of mine recently joined the baking business &i loved to put her baking passion into my sister’s cake.

      So I just got back from work, gotta go get that cake:D, coordinate my secret moves for the secret cake, & fingers crossed Sis does not check into my blog & see this here hehe, but i couldn’t help it not to tell you as i quickly dropped onto my page & beamed at your words !

      I promise, i’ll get in touch soon and THANK YOU once again you beautiful human! :$

      Sincerely yours,

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh Joy you are very kind with your words! Your sister is very blessed to have you. Wishing you lots of fun at her birthday party. I hope the secret cake is filled with lots of passion as well as delicious ingredients!! My fingers are crossed too, hee hee.
        Enjoy and “see” you soon!!

        Liked by 1 person

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