How to live it: Life

March 19, 2016:

Hello there 🙂

I didn’t expect i’d have the time to be here right now;

it’s Mother’s Day on Monday March 21 in Lebanon. My Mom and I had planned to spend the day hiking one of the most beautiful towns up North; a Town called Assia, renowned predominantly for being the only authentic maker of pottery tools and utensils in all of Lebanon.

We just came back and I was off for a nap, but found myself here with you people:)

The time we spent…was incredible;


I couldn’t imagine wanting to spend my Saturday with anyone else, or in any other way.

Other hikers with us in the group perceived us to be sisters and it was most amazing to hear.


So, I’m passing by our platform here as someone inspiring just sent something my way and i’d love to share it with you;

its your voice again, as we had agreed that it will be here, not just my own words all the time cause i learn from you more than anyone:




“The full quote is by Tony Bennett, ‘Slow down. You’re too important. Life teaches you how to live it, if you live long enough.

Life never lets you move on, until you have learned what it is trying to teach you.
Like a good friend, life keeps trying to show you the way — keeps trying to show what isn’t working for you and what behaviors need to stop.
When you keep banging your head up against the same destructive scenarios,
life will patiently keep showing you the painful consequences — until you get it.
Life will teach you the same lesson time after time after time,
until you finally start to learn.
Life will try to teach you what kind of people are bad for you, and what kind of situations
make you sick and weak, what kind of substances are a no-fly-zone for you, and what kind of existence brings you into bloom.
Life will try to show you what was never meant to be yours, and life will try — by any means necessary — to teach you
how to look for something else, when it’s time to change.
As we get older, there’s a trust that grows within us about life,  that something out there is trying to teach us SOMETHING Emoji
My heart breaks for all those restless souls who could not live long enough to let life teach them how to live it..
But to all who are confused, lost, and/or in pain right now, my [faith tells me] that you, [like me],
will learn how to listen,
with trust and respect and love, to what your life is trying to teach you.
Your life is your friend. It’s trying to help you.
Slow down.

You’re too important.

Find the teaching hidden in the chaos. “

This was a good reminder to me when it was passed onto me today, especially on this special occasion where i am ever more grateful to have my Mom in my life the way that i do right now.
As long as she lives and she’s here, life is teaching me how to be around her; how to let my existence bloom. A lot more lessons are in store for me, good and bad…but for now, i’m enjoying this lesson, enjoying how to be content in living my life in all the ways that i do.
With all the love from a happy day i am blessed to have spent,
March 19, 2016; 5:29pm





9 thoughts on “How to live it: Life

    1. Thank you so much Ishita, truly 🙂
      Thank you for putting a smile on my face seeing your comment on here; Loved that you loved it and i hope you’ll stay tuned to tell me how you like what comes next.
      I’m off to see what You’re about now on your blog .. 😀
      Sincerely yours,


    1. Dearest Gama,
      Thank you ever so much for sounding as sincere; i love it. Thank you for taking the time to comment too; I genuinely appreciate it 🙂

      Hoping my next posts touch you even better, always. Have a lovely day (week) ahead!


      Liked by 1 person

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