Advice needed: evening reflections

I never felt i needed you my people, to hear me out here, as much as i do tonight.

I’d love to hear your advice and thoughts as I take with me on my March 3, 2016 day:)

It’s finally Thursday- the only day when i drive back home from work thinking: great, I have no classes to prep for the next day I get t do a few me-time things; yet i  find myself dragging my feet to settle on the desk chair of my room now, trying to prep for a comprehensive academic discussion and curriculum amendment meeting i had scheduled to lead with my Teaching Team the next day. Yay…not.

I closed all work-related tabs, and opened our page here, yes just like that. There is so much one can do at some point, and I needed to accept that. And somewhere in the past hectic couple days, I had read a blog newsletter i am subscribed to, that says Tip#3:

Write it all down. Use your mind for better things than remembering what to do. And the mind is often like a leaky bucket. So write down all your great ideas, insights and thoughts before they go missing somewhere and add what you need to do to a to-do list.“-

(21 small ways to make life simpler by Henrik Edberg; at ).


Here’s what i “write down” tonight:

Thought #1:

I had a chat-kind-of argument with people close to me tonight regarding work ethic, mine actually.

I had raised my ‘concern’ and feeling that as i am doing what i am doing in my professional life right now, i feel a part of me is scared of losing her work ethic eventually and i feel horrible about it; losing it because  many things going on around me and the way things ‘really get done’ (messy-ly) in the real business world. Tonight particularly, i got these words i did not like,

you still need a lot of experience and years and years of accumulated life lessons from professional careers ad positions until you truly learn that you cannot be an employee and keep that strong conscience, or that immaculate work ethic .. ” .

Truth be told, I had heard that when i was 19 at my first ‘job’, and then again, at 21, and 22, 23. 24, 25 and now at 26 too? Like really? If there is anyone older than my humble 26 who really is convinced they have gotten “enough” experience, please, i urge you,  do come forward with your Comments on this cause i need to hear your version of the story.

Like, really, did you ever reach a point of, ‘ i know exactly how to deal with this situation, i am not confused cause i have had enough experience? I need to know if i’ll ever get there, really.

What do You think?

Should I really accept that step by step some of my work ethic will and that i will start getting used to doing things the way ‘they’ want them done?

or should this conscience of mine at any workplace fade, so that my struggles fade away a bit?

Am i wrong to be that ethical and wrong to hang on to what i believe in and the ways i believe i’ll get to the results i seek? …


Thought #2: My 1-happy moment per day, these past 2 days

I am compelled to introduce you to two individuals who bring true, genuine, pure happiness, for real. You have them in your network too i bet; please meet:

  1. Mr. Wajih, owner of the most beautiful smile for no particular reason or possession: 

    I rolled down my car window and smiled at a smiley, elderly man who sells packets of chewing on my workplace street as i left at 18.40 tonight.


    He insisted i take one of his packets for free, and that i choose my favourite flavour, only in exchange for my ‘genuine smile’ he said..


    I took the pack of gum, smiled back, and asked him for his good name;

    Wajih he replied with eyes that literally lit. Then he paused and asserted, feeling so empowered this time:

    Wajih xxx” (last name not mentioned for confidentiality),

    as he extended his arm out to like formally introduce himself to me and I to him. Needless to say, cars behind me began honking angrily, knowing the traffic jam was still as bad& i couldn’t really move forward except a few millimeters.

    .. I had left work, took the usual road, down the street to the right, where traffic was mad and i stopped the car when i saw sweet Wajih. He was as happy and smiling, as he stood in between cars, initiating conversations with people/employees consumed in the stress of their own world.

    I am not being at all poetic, I was just mindful of  the reactions of drivers parked next to me, waiting for the traffic to ease-up a little. I had a job, a roof over my head, a car, and a salary awaiting for me to withdraw today as i drove worrying about “the weight of the world!!” on my shoulders’; yet he was ever more happy with the little he had, packs of chewing gum and a chatty, sweet spirit. I have never seen anyone i know, as content with life a Wajih did. It was contagious.

    2. Mr. Abou Farouk : owner of the most authentic character.

I drove to work on March 2, 2016, parked and walked towards my workplace, knackered. On my way there, I saw the below for a first:


I was so sleepy, but i could not miss the energy, or the look on the face of an elderly, bearded man, with the kindest eyes and loveliest smile and sight I’ve ever seen that early at 6am.

I was just passing past this place to cross the street towards my workplace, yet Mr. Abu Farouk was so welcoming i was compelled to say Hello and stop; he had 4 birds chirping too just on the left of the photo here.

His words, and warmth, and warming sight took all my burdens away. Life lessons is what he taught me, in the 3 minutes it took him to prep the coffee he had insisted to offer me;

IMG_0390 (1).JPG

How much do these people like these in our life matter, you think? .. Can you find them wherever you are now, you think?

I’ll love you and leave you now, for some sleep before another big day tomorrow.

Sincerely yours,


March 3, 2016.




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